Get a Life!

Yeah, it’s summer. Time for me to Get a Life!

I loved this show. It was on late Sunday nights when I was in graduate school in the early 1990s on FOX, and it was hillariously stupid, and starred the hillariously stupid Chris Elliott. A TV show about a 30-year old paperboy who still lived at home with his parents was something that I found extremely consoling back then, when I was uncertain where graduate school would take me. (And you can’t beat its theme song!) Don’t miss the world-famous revue, “Zoo Animals on Wheels!” Yes, that’s Bob Elliott, of Bob and Ray fame, and Chris Elliott’s father in real life as well as on the show.

Get a Life was the perfect Gen-X show. Enjoy this time capsule to slackerville!

0 thoughts on “Get a Life!

  1. Hmm. Missed that one too. One difference I can see between slackerville and, say, Gen-W’s “Margaritaville,” is that I don’t envision any “Parrot-head” type of afterlife for it. One in which all you zombies are driving around in big cars with “teardrop” trailers, paying good money for revival productions–or even tribute cover productions–of what you were actually doing on Sunday nights when you probably *should* have been, say, reading _A Machine That Would Go of Itself_, or something like that. For that you can be thankful.


  2. Indyanna, as much as I like taking a swipe at generation W, and Jimmy Buffet, one of the defining attributes of Gen-X is instant nostalgia, the feeling that last decade’s, month’s or even week’s, sitcom, drama, comedy was soooooo much better than the current offerings. Granted this is often done with more than a small amount of irony (not dead despite post 9/11 prognostications) and you are correct to note that the unmarketability of “instant nostalgia” will make blessedly less toxic than Gen W’s version. I could go on, writing a long treatise in my own blood, but that usually just winds up with someone getting shot.


  3. Gotcha on that, Fratguy. The defining attribute between Gen-X and Gen Y, in turn, may be even knowing what the heck a “pop-top” is. And for that we can blame the EPA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission! 🙂


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