Life's been good. . . so far

Here’s a little something for Clio Bluestocking. She’s got a book contract–life’s been good to her so far:

Tell me your good news. I haven’t had any lately myself–so let me enjoy yours! (I haven’t had any bad news either, thank goodness, so please don’t read this as self-pitying.)  I’ve reached the age when no news really is good news, and when boring is exactly what I’m looking for.  Boring is just fine, because not-boring could only mean the 3 Ds of the middle-class, middle-aged apocalypse:  disease, death, or divorce.

0 thoughts on “Life's been good. . . so far

  1. Yay, Dr. Crazy! You know, the movers can do the packing for you. Alternatively, you can move the last few boxes yourself with your car, right? (Why the hell are you reading blogs when you should be packing!!??!!)


  2. Woohoo for Clio and good luck, Dr. Crazy.

    Good news? Erm, well, classes are still out right now and I have the final revisions done on another chapter, so things are good.


  3. Lighting match in row 83X of this vast arena or stadium.

    Good news? Manuscript approaching conclusion? (said that before, though) Within walking distance of multiple archives and a major research library? Memorial Day looms? Baseball team off to a surprisingly good start?

    Taking care of business! Congrats to all!


  4. Notorious, I told you already: your mom bought those books. (Congratulations anyway!)

    Congratulations on all of the good news to all: Good luck with your writing Indyanna, Dame Eleanor, and Janice, and kudos to THE for the diss. prize and the VAP!


  5. Yesterday, I got a tt job offer from my dream job! I’m graduating in three weeks, and now have to think about my life as an assistant professor.


  6. I just heard that the journal that asked for a revise and resubmit is really interested in publishing my (co-authored) article with only minimal revisions so they can include it in their Sept. issue (though we’re still waiting for the final word on the revision that we sent along).
    If that happens, it will be my third article to appear in print this year! One is out already, one is in press and should appear in June, and now one is likely to appear before the end of the year. And they are on three really different topics, so this is not a case of three varied takes on the same subject.


  7. Awww, thank you! And my favorite song by Joe Walsh, too!

    Although, technically it isn’t officially a book contract yet — but it is thhhiiiissss close to being one.

    Congratulations to everyone else!


  8. Clio B.: I tried but failed to find the post you had sometime last fall (I think) in which you referenced this song, which is why I posted it in your honor. Can you send a link to it?

    Kathie–congratulations! What accounts for this burst of productivity? (If you have any tips, I’d LOVE to hear them!)


  9. Good news: I am on sabbatical. Bad news: if I never go back, it’s too early. Good news: I don’t see brainless faculty members. Bad news: they continue to cause damage.

    Great news: vacation in old country start tomorrow. Bad news: old countries aren’t doing well.

    For the record, without supporting him, “The Specter-Durbin Amendment provides an additional $6.5 billion for the NIH.”


  10. My good news came about a month ago, but I think it’s still valid – I was selected as an AAUW fellow for the 2010-2011 school year, so I’ll wrap up my dissertation and be graduating a year from now. This makes me very, very happy.


  11. Thanks! I wondered why I couldn’t find it in your archives, but there really weren’t any keywords in your post. (I forgot that it was so brief.)

    Koshem Bos–enjoy your vacation and your sabbatical. Time away definitely heals some wounds, including brain damage inflicted by colleagues.

    Tanya–that’s great news! I hope it’s an auspicious omen for your career in the near future.


  12. I’m on a research trip to the Democratic Republic of Meglomania. The archivist remembered who I was from my last trip. I’m starting a new angle on an old project, so there are piles of new material for me to go through and I have a month to do it. The only downside is that its in microfilm, but hey, life has been good to me so far.

    Congrats to Clio Bluestocking and the Historiann posse!


  13. I think my school is about to enter a partnership with a reservation school through a contact of mine that will lead to many good things for both my school and a whole lot of people who live on the rez to whom good things generally don’t happen.

    The goal is pretty basic – get the students to a point where they can recognize bad deals (like usurious car loans) and say “no thank you.” It ain’t exactly getting students to write brilliant essays on the debates between Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians but it’s a heck of a start.


  14. Does it count as a victory to have told an audience member that I wasn’t going to engage his questions any more (at the end of a public lecture) after he told me I wasn’t as qualified as some dude who works in a different field?

    Some other dude in the audience harassed me throughout about whether or not I understood some very basic material (about which he was wrong). He finally settled down once I pelted him with a long enough steam of jargon but it wasn’t very pleasant.

    They were on the whole an excepionally engaged audience but sheesh, those two were really a buzzkill.


  15. Like H., I don’t have any good news of my own. But it’s fantastic to hear everybody else’s good news! Congrats to everyone on houses, fellowships, jobs, publications, and leaves!


  16. Some of my news is old news that I have alluded to here before, but I will shout it out loud now: as of July 1st, I will be joined the ranks of Associate Professordom at my University. Which means, in practical terms, that I can actually speak what’s on my mind in departmental meeting. They have no idea.

    Also: I give my first reading at my campus bookstore next Tuesday to plug the new tome! (It’s $45 in hardback, available as of three weeks ago on Amazon and in fine stores everywhere.) Royalties? Hopefully I can spend them on like a sandwich or something.

    Lastly: (I guess it has been a good spring): I’ve been able to parlay a few external grants into an extended summer research trip east. That’s what everyone wants as a gift for tenure: 6-7 weeks in muggy Virginia in July and August. Professor Mrs. John S. is staying back in the Golden State, so the grants are a mixed blessing.


  17. Matt–travel safely! It’s wonderful to be greeted as an old friend at your archive. That’s quite an achievement.

    Western Dave–your co-op program with the rez sounds wonderful. Good luck!

    John: are you seriously going to do a reading? Get out! That’s great. It’s nice that your uni bookstore is so supportive of faculty research.

    And Miss Clio–congratulations, and best wishes for the future.


  18. Well, at the risk of blowing my secret identity (ha!), interested parties may want to stop by Ben Franklin U. one Thursday night in July where I will be part of a double bill at a certain seminar series. Other than that, I just have this reading at my campus bookstore. They are actually quite eager to push university authors; it’s quite nice. Now my only problem is figuring out what to talk about! Should I try to read all 400 pages?


  19. Congratulations, Historiann. My good news — I’ve been named a distinguished CSU professor. The catch is I have to deliver an address at commencement tomorrow. As Al Gore said in one of his graduation speeches, they won’t remember it so I’m not too worried.


  20. I received a teaching award and my kid successfully passed into the 2nd grade (we were a little worried about that). Now I’m just waiting for readers reports…perhaps I will have news in the future. Thanks for asking!


  21. Joe Walsh maudlin? Never! I’ll cheer up when I get the keys back to my Maserati.

    Knitting Clio: Congratulations! That’s quite an honor. Good luck at commencement today. And Liz2–good luck on the readers’ reports, and congrats on the teaching award and promotion to 3rd grade.


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  23. The publication of three articles in one year actually represents many years of work – no surprise there! I had been researching one since 2000, so that one was the result of ten years of research, presentations, and writing various drafts. The other two had similar routes, but somehow they all reached their endpoints this year.


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