Vacation snaps, part deux

Hi there!  This morning, I have some more photos for your delectation.  (Hey–at least I’m not subjecting you to a slide show in my basement, fergawdssakes!)  Now, this little beauty can be yours for just 230 Euros.  I thought about buying it for GayProf, but then I thought it would mean so much more if I just took a picture and showed it to all of you.  (Thanks for sharing, GayProf!)

It seems like Wonder Woman’s costume gets skimpier and skimpier as the years go by–which is just about the opposite of most Earth women’s wardrobes.

Oh–and here’s a photo of the little church around the corner:

0 thoughts on “Vacation snaps, part deux

  1. Medieval cathedral and modern comics? I should have been on that trip! Please tell me you saw the pilgrim badges as the Cluny Musee Nationale de Moyen Age, to make my recently scholarly focus complete.


  2. You know Tom–we were 2 blocks from the Cluny, but we didn’t go in this time. (I visited there 9 years ago on our last trip to Paris.) I love the Cluny, but for whatever reason, we just didn’t get inside.

    (We did get to the Musee D’Orsay this time, which we missed back in 2001. I guess that was the tradeoff.)


  3. Musee D’Orsay is good! I think we were at the Cluny in 2002. We probably just missed you guys by 12 months or so. And I should have said “Gothic Cathedral” to be entirely accurate.


  4. I love the Cluny as well, though I have to say my favorite museum in Paris is the Rodin museum. I never realized how extraordinary sculpture is before I went there.

    In Carcassonne (near Toulouse) you can get a three pack of museum tickets: The Museum of the Albigensian crusades (massacre, massacre, massacre; the Museum of the Inquisition (mannequins in various torture devices, no lie); and ending up at the Museum of Animation (yes, as in Disney, etc.) – I’m guessing so you don’t jump off the walls?


  5. What can I say? I’m a world-famous cheapskate. I didn’t buy any souvenirs worth 230 euros for myself or anyone else. (Does that make you feel better?)

    I did get a very pretty blouse, but I’m disappointed that for 100 or 120 euros, it doesn’t have matched seams. I would think that for that kind of money it should have matched seams. (It was made in Italy.)


  6. I have a price limit on joke gifts, so if it goes about about $10, a picture is all you’ll get. And I love the Cluny and the Rodin, and the Musee D’Orsay, though that is so big… The garden at the Rodin is lovely.


  7. The Cluny is cool. Although it was fantastically hot on the day some years ago when I stumbled in on it, and what I most remember was being dehydrated while there. That feeling didn’t last long, though. I left the Musee and headed over toward that little chapel in pic. 2 and almost drowned standing up on the bridge across the Seine in the most spectacular and spontaneous thunderstorm I’ve ever seen. First trip to Paris. Ah!


  8. I love the Cluny and the Musee D’Orsay, but I have to say my long time favorite is Sainte-Chapelle. Nothing quite compares to those windows on a sunny day.

    Hope you had a great trip!


  9. Wonderful snaps.

    Somehow this all reminds me of the time a distinguished colleague came back from a stay in Paris and told me about the spectacularly ugly rubber necktie she hadn’t bought for me at the Pompidou Center shop.


  10. ah yes, all the fabulous perfect presents we don’t buy for our friends because they are just a bit too expensive to be a punch line. I seem to recall some economic price theory about that. And I am morning the French monarchy place mats I didn’t buy in a French gas station for that very reason.


  11. We had a great time, and the weather was warm, clear, and sunny the whole week. We didn’t see a drop of rain until the morning we left. This was very different from my first experience of Paris, also in March over spring break, when it rained the entire time. So it was nice to be able to sit outdoors in cafes and in parks and enjoy the spring.

    Katherine: I think those placemats are definitely to be mourned! About a decade ago I made a few trips to Britain within a few years, and each time brought back more stiff cork placemats and coasters than I know what to do with. (And they’re still at work in my dining room and living room.)


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