Oui, on fait du ski ce weekend!

Why watch the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics on the teevee, when you can participate in winter sports yourself?  (Well, those of us near the snowy mountains have a bitof an advantage!)  No, I’m not going to Mt. Tremblant or anything near Quebec–we in Colorado can ski on lovely, fresh powder much more conveniently.  Easterners:  how do you ski on all of that ice?  How is it any fun?  I’ve only tried it once, in Vermont in 1994, and it was the antithesis of fun, unless your definition of fun includes adjectives like “terrifying,” “damp,” “cold,” and “miserable.”  (Well, I suppose the definition of “fun” for most New Englanders might include one or more of these terms.  But, they fetishize discomfort and view it as a sign of moral rectitude.)

Here’s a fun, if slightly creepy, fact about this blog:  every day, dozens of people click here because they’re searching “women athletes,” “hot women athletes,” “athletic women,” “olympic women,” or some other similar phrases.  And as you regular readers know, this is a blog that only very rarely comments on sports or athletic affairs, if ever.  So, enjoy the images of women on vintage ski posters here!

Here’s another poster from Quebec, advertising Mont Tremblant.  She looks like she’s having more fun than Linday Vonn–but I don’t know about the wisdom of that short-sleeved sweater.

Now, skiing in Italy–that sounds like a great idea, whether you are a fabulous babe, or you want to meet some fabulous babes.  Clearly, Sestriere is the place to go.  (But, that was the 2006 Winter Olympics.)

Colorado arguably has a lot more sun than France–but still, it’s a thought.

Triumph!  And, she’s already almost dressed for the hot tub afterwards.  Let’s hope that’s me this weekend at the end of the day, instead of being pulled off the mountain by the Ski Patrol, flat on my back and strapped to a sled.

0 thoughts on “Oui, on fait du ski ce weekend!

  1. If ever, I’ll say!! I just checked the blog archive and confirmed an ancient memory that the first-EVER post (Beta version, perhaps) here was devoted to the “Pornification of M[ajor]L[eague]B[aseball].” Maybe some pervs have powerful web-crawlers that have picked up on that catchy sound-byte and are hoping to track down what they assume will be the rest of the series?

    Have a glistening day on the slopes. I hope you do better than I did this morning. I was walking past a church (a church!) and about a half-ton of icified powder slid off a 33 degree sloped roof thirty feet above and nearly buried me. The ski patrol wasn’t out yet so I had to hobble, bloody-faced, over to my nearby internist (who wondered why I hadn’t just gone to the ER, but that’s another story…).


  2. Hey, Isis–I’m wearing a pair of shoes today that is totally worthy of you! (Except, they’re really high-heeled, and my feet were killing me so I kicked them off about an hour ago.)

    They were easier to walk in than ski boots, but more painful (if that makes any sense whatsoever.)


  3. One of my favourite jokes, growing up in Indiana, was a poster put out by Rose-Hulman with the slogan “Ski Terre Haute” — you have to click through and see it in all its glory to understand what we Midwesterners thought of skiing: http://www.rose-hulman.edu/alumniaffairs/Ski-immediate.htm

    But my Quebec-born husband and eldest daughter have both done a bit of downhill skiing here in Ontario and back in Quebec. Me? I’ll stick to the lodge. It’s not just for après-ski any more, now is it?


  4. I can’t believe a historian of colonial New England would forget to add “self-loathing” to the list.

    Ice builds character. Anybody can ski powder!


  5. Ha! I like your style, Janice. I’ll see you in the lodge tomorrow. . .

    Hotshot Harry: how could I forget? (But then, I’m not a native New Englander myself.) By the way, you cracked up FratGuy, who sends his regards.


  6. Oh I am so jealous! I just sent some friends to go skiing in Tahoe. I want to go myself and take advantage of living near decent snow, especially since I have no idea where I’ll be living next year. Alas, the dissertation waits for no snow.

    BTW, people in France/Switzerland/Austria do ski in very little clothing (I’ve seen bikini skiers). It really can be that much warmer.


  7. North Carolina has good mountains. Beech for one is a big ski destination, and with all the extra snow, they’re doing a lot of business.

    Not that I ski. I’m with my friend’s description: Tie two sticks to your feet and fall down a mountain.


  8. I only do Nordic skiing (aka cross-country) and we have had such a dry winter that I haven’t been out once. I actually envy the folks down in the Mid-Atlantic.

    Regarding the attire of the female skiers — clearly for spring skiing –not an oxymoron — some folks ski until April and May even if there are bare patches on the mountains.


  9. Well, for those coming across this blog in search of “female athletes,” you can stay for this story: a woman actually holds the record in the ski jump, but women are prohibited from Olympic ski-jumping because their lady parts make them too delicate for the sport (or something): http://sobeale.blogspot.com/2010/02/let-women-jump.html. Come for the titillating material, stay for the lesson about how the patriarchy subverts the spirit of true competition.


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