Wednesday Round-up: "Gaywads" unite edition, yee-haw!

cowgirlgalwhotookBusy day here at the ranch!  I thought I’d throw you  few curves to help keep your day interesting:

  • Roxie’s World brings us the heartwarming story of a non-gay pro-gay little boy in Arkansas named Will Phillips who refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance at school until there truly is “liberty and justice for all” in these United States.  (Some of you may also want to weigh in on the pressing question raised by the insult this little boy hears now at school:  what is the proper spelling of “gaywad?”  Is it “gaywad,” “gay wad,” or “gay-wad?”)
  • There’s a fun new gay blog I’ve found called Down and Out in Denver.  Actually, the blog proprietors Alastair and Blake hate Denver, which is why they started a blog to complain about the lack of urbane gay funky goodness there.  So, all you Colorado straightwads and breeders, with your matching team PolarFleece jackets driving your Subaru Outback wagons, heading on over to the REI to get the skis rented for the kids and debating whether or not you’ll head up to Copper or A-Basin the day after Thanksgiving –well, this blog is way too cool for you.  Don’t even bother to click.  Don’t even think about clicking.  (Unless you’re already familiar with Tabitha and  Undine Spragg–in which case, are you quite sure you’re a heterosexualist?)
  • Finally, a little time capsule for all of you middle-aged gaywads and straightwads:  the incomparable queer punks, the Buzzcocks, asking “What Do I Get?”  Yes–this is the band that originally recorded “Ever Fallen In Love with Somone (you shouldn’t have fallen in love with)?”, which was gratuitously updated just a few years later, 80s-style, by the Fine Young Cannibals.


Have a great Wednesday, all you gay-shooters and straight-shooters out there!  Hey–can some of you gaywad fashionistas get a fashion consult for that cowboy in the upper right who’s wearing a green shirt with a matching green cowboy hat?  What say you:  sorta gay, super-gay, or just a dancer leftover from Oklahoma?

0 thoughts on “Wednesday Round-up: "Gaywads" unite edition, yee-haw!

  1. I was at a wedding in Vegas a few years ago, and there was a guest wearing a purple stetson, purple suit, purple shoes, and his date was also dressed head to toe in purple.

    THE place for cowboy and cowgirl fashionistas in Denver is the Rockmount. I have a friend who is also a fan of the Crybaby Ranch just a few blocks away in Larimer Square.

    Also that Will Phillips story is excellent. I debated for 10 seconds posting the link on my Facebook. Reason for debate? My 14 year old nephew is on my friends list. His Dad is a Promise Keeper and around the 2004 election I heard the child say grace and thank god for re-electing Bush… So I posted it anyway. No blowback yet. I think they might have figured out they needed to hide me from his news feed a while ago.


  2. Awesome, CPP! I didn’t even know that they had someone else fronting before Pete Shelley.

    And, GayProf: I challenge you to invent the appropriate coctail called the “gay shooter!” I’ll be by next month to conduct a taste test…


  3. Speaking of gays, cowboys and alcohol, I just had a funny little encounter on the way to the liquor store.

    There were two men ahead of me on the sidewalk and I noticed one was wearing a heavy denim shirt with an embroidered cowboy on bucking bull and the letters IGRA underneath. They stopped for a second as I was about to pass them, so I stopped too and asked “Hey what does IGRA stand for?” (being about 90% certain and having a following question ready).

    I’ll refer to them as Bubba1 and Bubba2 because they both appeared to be stereotypical good ol’ boys.

    Bubba1: I’m sorry sir, but I have no idea what that stands for, I just like the picture.

    Me: Oh, I thought it might be the International Gay Rodeo Association and just wondered how it is different from the regular rodeo, if at all.

    Bubba1: Oh…

    Bubba2: (realizing the implications for sexual orientation by association and protesting emphatically) No sir! We have never been to no Gay Rodeo before! We only go to the regular Rodeo and Western Stock show and Frontier Days.

    Bubba1: Yeah I have no idea what goes on there and I don’t think I want to know either.

    Five minutes later I wound up standing in front of them in line at the liquor store, buying a 6-pack of Sam Adams Blackberry Wheat beer. I realized when I saw them that based on my question and choice of beer, they’d be making their own incorrect assumption about my orientation.

    So Google proved I was right about the IGRA. I felt a little bad because I probably ruined the shirt for him.


  4. Hey, Historiann, what’s with all the hatin’. Sure the Subaru out back is the offical vehicle of yuppie d!nks up and down the front range, and Copper Mtn is easily the most pedestrian of the I-70 ski areas. But c’mon, A Basin is a legend (says so on teh T-Shirt) and polypropylene, like ultrasuede, is nothing less than a miracle (apologies to your nemesis, John Waters)


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