Saddled up & ridin' out today, yee-haw!

cowgirlhitchsaddleboulderI’m off to the FREAC again–the Front Range Early American Consortium.  It’s local this year, so I’m riding my horse Seminar up to the Flatirons for our meeting in Boulder.  Have a great weekend, friends, and be good to your horses.

In the meantime:  did you see the story about the man on the dole who stumbled upon “one of the most important [discoveries] in British archaeological history” in Staffordshire?  Awesome!  What will his friends in the Bloxwich Research and Metal Detecting Club have to say about this?  What do you dream of unearthing from a field, or stumbling upon in an old farmhouse attic?

0 thoughts on “Saddled up & ridin' out today, yee-haw!

  1. Still looking for that undiscovered manuscript, Historiann! Have a deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich at the Walnut Brewery for me. And hit those Boulder bookstores and find me that manuscript–I think I still have some trade credit at Red Letter.

    The Anglo-Saxonists are abuzz about the Staffordshire find, BTW.


  2. The hoard in the UK is very VERY cool. I’m looking forward to the reports, but spent more-time-than-I-should-have yesterday ogling the images. They were very quick to get photos up; most haven’t been properly cleaned yet!

    Enjoy the meeting!


  3. I’m hoping Historiann brings me back a horse from the FREACs. Somethin’ in an Old Paint layout. If ze was related to Seminar, I could call hir “Colloquium!”


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  5. The FREAC was a great time, friends–new faces, old friends, and a level of intellectual engagement that puts most conference sessions to shame. (I think this is probably because of the fact that it’s a regular date on most of our calendars–we know each other, and care about each other, so we’re probably more consciencious about being good colleagues.)

    A session I self-indulgently organized on biography in early American history was a lot of fun–Eric Hinderaker talked about his new book, The Two Hendricks: Unraveling a Mohawk Mystery (Harvard, forthcoming); Jenny Pulsipher talked about her work on John Wompus, a 17th C Nipmuc man who left a relatively big footprint in the archives; and John Smolenski talked about his interest in Nassau, Landon Carter’s ‘body man.’ Some of our older colleagues talked about how interesting it is to see biographies of previously unknown people–they said, “in the past, no one would ever have thought to write a biography of an unknown person.” All very smart stuff, and fun to talk about!


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