Here in Colorado, September is supposed to be a golden month:  warm sunny days, and cool nights with great “sleeping weather.”  And, truth be told, we’re pretty spoiled for sunshine all year ’round.  This week has been cool–or rather, cold and rainy (or even snowy!)  I even turned the heat on yesterday because the sun refused to heat my house for free, like it usually does, and everyone was walking around in their winter coats indoors.  (On principle, I have refused to fire up the furnace until Halloween.  Cold temperatures are good for the character and constitution, I think.)

So, this is how we sunlight deprived Coloradoans feel right about now–our bones are feeling soft and ricketty from the Vitamin-D deprivation: 

Thanks to LD for sending this on!

Thanks to LD for sending this on!

0 thoughts on “Must…get…sun…LIGHT!

  1. This is kind of distressing, even by proxy. We’ve had a relatively dry and pleasant and mellow-yellow September here on the Back Range of the Alleghenies, with occasional cranky wet days like today. Not looking forward to months of tempestuous micro-climates of the sort that lurk between here and Forbes’s Road back to Philadelphia. Have these conditions out there had any noticeable effect on the fall color_ up toward the passes this early in the season? Our town had enough gloriously orange leaves fall from ONE TREE that the local paper featured a highly constructed picture of a student walking through fall, but it’s pretty green yet.


  2. No sunlight? You’re pretty much describing our entire summer until the middle of August when I was too sick to enjoy it.

    Wishing you a sunny finish to September and a warm, pleasant October in any case!


  3. It is 10pm and the air conditioner is going – I love hot weather but now it is so MUGGY, it is awful! Enjoy your cold days. I’m a little jealous.


  4. Heh! I can live without the 100-degree temps and the A/C. Today is going to be a bit gloomy, but tomorrow will be sunnier, and this weekend will be beautiful. So–thanks for putting up with my pouting. (This post was mostly an opportunity to show off that awesome photo of Russian kids getting their Vitamin D. Dr. Mister thinks it originally appeared in national geographic, but LD found it at this website, English Russia.)


  5. Colorado? You don’t get to complain about grey weather. There are so many beautiful sunny days even in the middle of February.
    But that is a great picture. Can you only just imagine.


  6. Gwen–I know! That’s why the absence of sunlight is so disorienting. (I grew up in the Great Lakes region–I know from cloudiness.)

    When I first moved here 8 years ago, it was disorienting to have so many winter days of bright sunshine. After a while, I just got sick of it–the sunlight seemed like a rebuke, “get up! Get going! Get out of bed and do something productive!” when all I wanted to do was lay around in my bathrobe and read a novel some winter weekends. Somehow, that kind of laziness/indulgence is made easier when the weather is crummy, or at least it’s not blazing sunshine all of the time.


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