Since when did "breeder" become an insult?

I always really liked them–one of my favorite bands evah!  Oh, how I wish I were a Breeder!  But, I never got around to it–and now sadly, I think it might be too late!  With all of the college and grad school and job- and tenure-seeking in my teens, 20s, and 30s, I never made it a priority to have guitar or drum lessons.  Of course, at the time, I wasn’t that interested in having them–and I always thought there would be plenty of time if I changed my mind.  (Plus, I never really liked couch surfing or smoky bars or staying up late all that much anyway.  Not to mention drugs.)  But now that I’ve entered my 40s, I’m wondering:  has my life been wasted as a professional historian?  Wouldn’t my life’s work have so much more meaning if I had gone the Breeder route? 

Dig that flashback to 1993:  “I’m just looking for one divine hammer–I’d bang it all day!”  I heard somewhere that Kim and Kelley Deal were mocking the earnestness of 1960s folk songs and political activism with this song.  (“If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning…”  Who was that?  Peter, Paul, and Mary?)  Well, what can I say? It was a particular moment in time–after the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings (September 1991), and before Kurt Cobain killed himself (April 1994.)  It was our Last Splash, before we finally had to grow up.

ratsassWell, that’s all for today, kids.  I hope you enjoyed the musical selections!  You know me–always kidding on the square.  A square just about the size of this one here on the right, one that pretty much sums up my life and career, which are just awesome, and thanks for asking!