Blogging the academic life: wrap-up and linky goodness

madmen_fullbodyaml3Hello, darlings–your favorite cowgirl has had a metropolitan makeover!  This fun little toy is something that I found over at GayProf’s place yesterday:  you can make yourself into a Mad Men character.  A ring-a-ding-ding!  Mix me up a sidecar, will you–I’ll be home from work soon.

Now, on to the business at hand–the conversations about blogging the academic life that GayProf and I hosted over the past few days have inspired some interesting commentary on other blogs, so I thought I’d pass along some links:

  • James Stripes offers some thoughts on blogging as an adjunct.  He writes, “My career in academia is hanging by a thread, and proceeds course to course, each with a separate contract. If I get good teaching evaluations, another contract comes along. Fail once, and I’m slinging tacos at some fast food outlet in your town. Adjuncts don’t have the pleasure of worrying over blogging in the annual review.”
  • Dr. Crazy agrees with GayProf and me that blogs are fun because they’re not work, although we all make different decisions about the roles that our real life jobs and academic fields play on our blogs.  She writes, “[t]he big question that’s been rattling around for me since earning tenure is whether I should link the blog to my professional identity – whether I should, like, for example, Tenured Radical or Historiann, blog under a pseudonym but yet make it clear who I actually am as I write this blog. This has been something I’ve thought about a lot pre-tenure, but now, well, the moment is here, right? I toyed with the idea of posting my name at the moment of achieving tenure; I toyed with the idea of changing around my identifying information so that with just a few clicks people would end up at my professional identity.”  Will she or won’t she, dear readers?  I know you want to knowjust click here to find out!

0 thoughts on “Blogging the academic life: wrap-up and linky goodness

  1. Your labels are pure poetry: fluff, jobs! Those are certainly two categories that belong together. I’ve tried to make this point to the bill collectors, even playing some songs by John Lee Hooker to make the point, but they lack humor and insist on money.


  2. Your Mad Men persona is very chic! Isn’t that a fun little tool? I have my Mad Men avatar up on my Twitter account…I made multiple versions because it was just too darn addictive.

    Anyway, I have been MIA the last few days so now I’m heading over the the conversation at Gay Prof.


  3. Thanks, GayProf–I have to cop to owning pearls in real life (and wearing them!) It’s all a part of my undercover identity as a small-town doctor’s wife–kind of like Diana Prince’s bun-of-steel and gov’t issue glasses.


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