GayProf and Historiann tell all!

wwnewyorkHowdy, friends!  Today’s post is just to announce that GayProf from Center of Gravitas and I have initiated a conversation about blogging the academic life over at his place today.  Go read and jump into the conversation over there!    Tomorrow, I’ll have the keys to the wagon, so I’ll take the show on the road and drive it out West to  (Part II is available here.)

cowgirlkeys(And now, if you’ll excuse me, I really should go put a shirt on!  Whoever thought wearing this little vest alone would be a good idea?  Too scratchy.)

0 thoughts on “GayProf and Historiann tell all!

  1. Will look forward to it. Offline mostly today. I thought for a second that huge keyring was the chuckwagon dinner bell, until I remembered those are usually triangular. I guess that’s what two consecutive days of food blogging will do to you.


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