0 thoughts on “Gone fishing–if by "fishing" you mean "working."

  1. Susan — how long are you there? I’ll be arriving on Wednesday… FB me!

    And Historiann — it was a blast! Thanks so much. Makes me want to do the reading again, knowing there are such great folks at BaaRam U


  2. Rain said to be clearing here later this week. We’re installing wifi, stocking the nearby river, and we even have a bronzed tortoise in the pocket park down the street, if you can swing this way on your way back.


  3. Who knew so many of Historiann’s readers are in London? Though Susan, what part are you in? I’ve seen little sun the past few days! Historiann, have fun in Michigan. I am on the same “vacation” with the family, except I only have Sundays off. bon voyage!


  4. You all should have a meetup–say, at the base of Lord Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square. (There won’t be a lot of people there in July!) Squadrato can wear her wig, and the rest of you can find each other that way.


  5. I’ll be in London in about three weeks. It’s never rained much at all during my multiple trips to England, so this will be a big test. I have to say, a lifetime ticket for me would have been a whole lot cheaper than that translucent dome they’ve constructed down at Wimbledon.


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