aspin1Yes–CanadaGoose and Meg were correct:  I spent Monday night and Tuesday in Aspen.  (Or, “Aspin,” as Harry and Lloyd might call it.)  It was the usual Colorado mountain town mix of swells, old hippies, college ski bum waiters, immigrant seasonal laborers, and the strolling poor–only moreso.  I can see why all of the Hollywood types like it–it looks exactly like a set design of a Colorado mountain town. 

As for yesterday’s quiz, I thought the “Thumbing Station” sign gave it away graphically, with its striking similarity to the design of a famous American’s first political campaign poster.  Regardez, encore:


Here’s the photo from yesterday’s post, at left.





And here on the right is Hunter S. Thompson’s campaign poster from his quixotic campaign for Pitkin County sheriff in 1970.  No, I didn’t stop by the Woody Creek Tavern.  (What’s with the two thumbs, anyway?)

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