Tuesday morning mountain town blogging: hitchin' a ride

thumbingstationHello, friends!  Famille Historiann is on its way East again to return to the High Plains Desert and our little ranch on the plains.  (And what a stall-mucking awaits us when we return!  Horse sitters ain’t what they used to be, I tell ya.)

I thought I’d share with you a little clue as to where we landed yesterday afternoon, and where we’ll be spending some of the day today.  This town is like Martha’s Vineyard in that it’s one of the last places one can hitchhike without (much) fear–see the photo of the designated “Thumbing Station” (like a Bus Stop) sign at left. Like Martha’s Vineyard, this is probably because this is an isolated and rather exclusive little town–it got a lot of attention in the 1970s as one of the few places in the U.S. where the Sixties still raged on.

The first commenter to guess our exact location wins a Historiann tee-shirt!  (As in, from my dresser drawer.  I don’t have a blog tee-shirt designed yet.)  Carry on with the discussion in the archives below, or guess away in this thread!

0 thoughts on “Tuesday morning mountain town blogging: hitchin' a ride

  1. Wow — amazing holdover. I was raised in the era where all you saw of hitchhikers was in horror films or suspense thrillers and they were all obviously axe-wielding maniacs (except the young women, who were invariably picked up by the axe-wielding maniac, presumably after he butchered the original kind driver and stole the car). It’s neat to see it portrayed more as “informal carpooling”…


  2. Can/t be Vail. Gotta be Breckenridge? Is the Whale/s Tail still there?

    Hey, that reminds me. I want a Historiann T shirt. I wonder if there could be a generic template design, like with the stone family at the top of the blog screen. Then everyone could reproduce their favorite lead post paragraph from the archive, with corresponding graphic.


  3. “a blog tee shirt designed, yet”. I’m picturing the intersection of the clenched fist and female sign from the early seventies with the double thumbed fist holding a peyote button. All in keeping with recent travels and pictures.


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