Sure wish I could be a California girl…

cowgirlbikiniHowdy, friends!  I turned in my last few grades yesterday, so I’m on a little early summer trip to the Golden State for a little R & R (“Research and wRitin’,” that is), and a conference later this week..  I’ll be checking in occasionally but otherwise am trying to stay mostly off-line and outdoors as much as I can for the next few days.

What are your plans for summer?

0 thoughts on “Sure wish I could be a California girl…

  1. Historiann, I hope you have a safe trip to California and a wonderful Conference.

    My summer plans are rather dull: research trips to NYC and Philadelphia, and a conference in Springfield, IL.

    I wish everyone a super summer.


  2. In twelve days, I leave for two months in England — finishing an article, starting a new project, and preparing for next year’s classes.

    Enjoy the California sun, and the conference. And research 🙂


  3. I’ll be wrangling more contributors for the Encyclopedia of Elizabethan England (know any early modern specialists in history, literature or religious studies?). I’ll also be writing at least a thousand words a day on that for my own share.

    Otherwise, I have two short articles to write for a popular history collection and I am hoping to get some time to work on my “A Canadian Viking in the Governor-General’s Court” research, turning the conference papers on nineteenth century squabbles over the North American site of Vinland into a full-fledged article.

    Oh, and a bit of course prep, particularly for my new senior seminar on Gender in Early Modern Europe. Whee! There’s also one week of family vacation planned for mid-July — taking the girls to coastal SC to meet up with my father and sister.

    Yup, we’re fully booked up here!


  4. Preparing a promotion file, plus two weeks in southern France, a week in Arizona, lots of writing, blah, blah, blah, a sailor’s life for me.

    Great conference, Historiann!


  5. Work, work, work, since I’m the only faculty member who has had the training to teach online and there are four online section. That means that I will probably also develop a drinking problem.

    Have fun in California. Sounds like a fascinating conference!


  6. The Big Three: research, wRitin, trying not to go nuts. A tributory conference for a mentor, a trip out West of my own, and a couple of summer seminars. That/s about it.

    Watch out for the mudslides, hilltop grass fires, 3.4 aftershocks, and don/t start any stampedes, Historiann. Then return to the highcountry summer pasture soon.

    Ortho, I asked your question from last year about the pissing dogs of Revolutionary British print culture at a seminar last week. The presenter had displayed an image of one of the pups, but, probably sensibly, ze wasn/t about to get dragged into that one. I had to give it a shot, though.


  7. Have fun out here in California! Don’t let yourself catch on fire or all shook up! (and _do_ get outside to the gardens —esp the lake and the desert plants section — I love that place!)


  8. I’ll be leaving for a week in Berlin in about a month, followed by two weeks in London. Then it’s home to write: no circus shows between June and November. And I have the Fall off ~ yay!


  9. Well, I woke up this morning and it turned out a mss. that has gone unfinished since the Unfortunate Events had finally grown a head, arms and legs and was getting to walk right out the door unless I buckled down and finished ‘er up. So that’s where I’m at, sister.


  10. Welcome to Southern California! You should visit the new Chinese gardens at the Huntington – actually there are a lot of new sections in the gardens (a conservatory, a wonderful children’s space) and revamped art galleries, so if you haven’t been in a couple of years, try to find time to have a look around and enjoy.


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