Bunnies in Blood

bunnyinbloodThis Easter dessert has become a Historiann family favorite.  (Thanks to Ex-Pat for sharing the recipe and the super-cute bunny rabbit molds with me!)  More properly called “Molded French Cream with Raspberry Sauce,” I think “Bunnies in Blood” is much more descriptive, and completely appropriate given that Easter and Passover are already about blood sacrifice (and in the Christian holiday, cannibalism too!  Yum.)  It’s Last Supperlicious and Paschal Lambtastic!  Happy Easter and Hag Sameach, one and all. 

On a more serious note, we’ve got a great discussion going about “Catholicism, feminism, and American Catholic women’s history” in the post below–thanks so much for your thoughtful and wide-ranging commentary on this issue so far.  I am fascinated by how geography and what I call religious microclimates influence our students to create very different teaching environments for us.

Oh–and by the way:  this is the 500th post at Historiann.com!  This calls for a second round of bunnies, I think.  Woo-hoo!

0 thoughts on “Bunnies in Blood

  1. That looks really tasty, once you get past the “awwwww cute… wait, what is it sitting in?” moment. I was wondering whether it would be a very child-appropriate dish, but my kids would probably just assume the rabbit was sitting in raspberry sauce, unlike jaded Adult Me who sees a gory sacrifice 🙂

    (Congratulations on post 500! Is it good or bad that it was about food instead of history?)


  2. Thanks, all–but Clio, I can’t take credit for the nickname of the dessert. I think that credit goes to the family member who actually set up and administers this blog–perhaps he will weigh in decisively. But that’s the intel I hear from another family member.


  3. That’s a lotta posting! Thanks, Historiann. The pic for some reason reminds me of the recent viral Youtube of the golden eagles in Spain who pluck mountain goats off of ledges and hurl them a thousand feet feet to the plain below. Awesome, but a little distasteful, though I guess it’s always (f)Easter somewhere, and they gotta eat too.


  4. Historiann,

    Thanks for the photo and your obvious enjoyment of the dessert.If my memory serves me correctly the term “Bunnies in Blood” was coined by my eldest son and his significant other while they were living in a city down the coast.The name has stuck as it is so descriptive if somewhat ghoulish.


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