OAH or Bust!

oahorbustHi all–Historiann here, coming at you from weakly sunny downtown Seattle, because the Organization of American Historians’ Annual Conference starts in a few hours.  Pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee!  Only, I won’t be here long to pour–I’ve got meetings, meet-ups, and fun planned all week, so posting will probably be light since I  have the opportunity to meet and talk to historians in Real Life and not on-blog.  I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing here, since I feel less like an American historian every day–and this is very much a modern (and even recent) U.S. History conference.  It seems like the OAH is getting with the transnational program, since the theme this year is “History Without Boundaries.”  Don’t fence me in, babies!

As for Seattle:  I visited a few times in the mid- to late-90s, back when it was the cool place to be, and had an epic hiking and camping trip on the Olympic Peninsula back in the day.  But–Kurt Cobain’s been dead for nearly fifteen years now.  Oh well–whatever.  Nevermind.

0 thoughts on “OAH or Bust!

  1. You’re missing our biggest snowstorm of the year-its glorious. Schools are canceled, the roads are deserted. and kids are making snowmen down the street.

    Its like found time!

    Enjoy Seattle.


  2. Have a good one. Coldest winter I ever spent was the Saturday afternoon of AHA weekend there years back, hiking up past the Space Needle to Queen Anne Hill, after what turned out to be a very successful interviewing day. And I missed what turned out to be the only huge snowstorm in Chicago that winter, which I greatly regretted.


  3. Since I can’t be there, I expect some snappy reportage, Historiann. I’ll rock some flannel this weekend in your honor.

    I agree, btw, with your take on the OAH, which probably explains why I’ve only attended one in my career.

    Enjoy the fish.

    Oh, and it will be 65 and sunny here today–nice enough for a long walk with Hotshot Harry, Jr.


  4. As a Seattleite who lives, quite literally, four blocks from downtown I welcome you, Historiann. As Seattleites surround you in our carefully planned cliches of flannel, coffee, and grunge we can’t get enough of, we ask that you just don’t rangle us up in your Colorodan cowboy gear. Lassos, after all, give rope burn and as city clickers we don’t take kindly to cowboy hate wearin’ folks.


  5. Vance, as you know: Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle! Mikail–I had a great time in your town, except for the Norovirus (see today’s post.)

    Rad–I saw one of your deans–see today’s post, too.


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