Weekend roundup: Oh, for dog's sake! edition

Here, boy!

Here, boy!

It’s sunny and warm here on the Colorado Trail this weekend, so here are a few items to keep you busy while I’m out hikin’, bikin’, fishin’, eatin’, drinkin’, and otherwise droppin’ my Gs!

  • In an insouciant or even puppyish mood?  Play Name that Dog over at Roxie’s World.
  • Need to be cheered up?  Not all layoffs or retirements are bad news.
  • Don’t miss Prof.  Susurro’s two-part series on African American quilters:  Part I, “African American Quilters as Herstorians and Keepers of Our Dreams,” and Part II, “African American Quilters as Historians.”  In Part I, she summarizes the controversy over the role that quilts and quilt patterns played in the Underground Railroad.  She concludes that there is little evidence for contemporary use of actual quilts and quilt patterns in Underground Railroad communications, but that the role memorized quilt patterns play in the public memory and commemoration of the UR is powerful:  “There were no actual quilts made just the memorization of pre-existing quilt patterns as a remembered road map to freedom. Tobin and Dobard’s argue that this symbolic language would be in keeping with other maps to freedom like ‘negro’ spirituals. Despite criticism from quilt historians about the utter lack of textile evidence for such a story, Tobin and Dobard remind that slaves did not make, carry, or look for quilts but rather memorized quilt patterns.”  She concludes, “what is important for this post is that regardless of whether these symbols were actually used in the railroad, they have become a part of modern symbolic language among some African American quilters. . . .  [in effect, this is a] reterritorialization from a largely white imaginary of black quilting forms into one of African American storytelling.”
  • Also, don’t forget that your homework assignment is due Monday, March 2 over at Notorious Ph.D., Girl Scholar, where we’ll begin our discussion of Judith Bennett’s History Matters(While you’re over there, give her a little sugar–she just got news that she won tenure and promotion!)
  • Need a reminder for why we’re convening this discussion?  See for example Squadratomagico’s tale here, and Moira in Excelsis’s story hereNoli me tangere, pal, or anyone else!  “Chick” that attitude at the door.

Well, that’s all, friends.  Enjoy this weekend in which we say “goodbye” to the last full month of winter, and March ahead towards the spring.

Let me have it!

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