Funniest search engine string ever

Scary stuff, kids!

Scary stuff, kids!

Check it out:  Type “scared grove of the academe” into a search engine, and it leads you right back to  Oddly appropriate!  But–do I want to wonder why these terms also lead people to

  • hot women over 40
  • how to make beef burgundy (Soon I’ll be famous!)
  • nurse julia doll
  • johnson holding up dog ears
  • is stephanie coontz a feminist
  • women athletes
  • athletic mom
  • preppy couples

All I know is that there are a lot of people interested in hot women over 40 and athletic mothers who find their way here.  Very strange.

0 thoughts on “Funniest search engine string ever

  1. You’re totally hot and just barely 40- but how would google know that? You don’t have pictures up of your hot self on the blog…maybe they could just tell by the way you write!


  2. Many of the terms you list are connected to your posts, historiann. You may have written about “hot women over 40” at some point, but I bet you didn’t have the same thing in mind as someone who sits at the computer to look for hot women over 40. Of course, maybe someone (in addition to nicolec) noted you as such…


  3. I had a similar occurrence a couple years ago when two of my authors did a series on slavery and called two of the parts “Ancient Bondage” and “American Bondage.” For almost a year, I got more hits from those search strings than from anything else.


  4. Meanwhile, over in my family-friendly little corner of the blogosphere, folks wander in because they are apparently obsessed with the sexual orientations of a) college women basketball players and b) a local weatherman who, I swear, we never, ever suggested was gay. We suggested that he looked like Eddie Munster, even helpfully running photos of the two side by side to show the remarkable resemblance, but no one seems to be searching on that topic. We regularly get visitors through searches on “world sex” and “Roxie toast” and a disturbing number of individuals searching for “stink bomb recipes” and “boob cookie recipes.” We did actually publish a recipe for a cookie we call “boobs,” but I’m guessing the searchers aren’t really interested in a delicate little almond shortbread cookie with a candied cherry in the center. Ah, the internets! Ah, humanity!


  5. I have a lot of “barbara eden” hits for some reason — because I mentioned Jeannie’s bellybutton once. ONCE!

    But “johnson holding up dog ears” might be a winner…


  6. But Historiann, have you heard that NPR is asking for Barbie pictures? Seriously… FOrtunately, your loyal readers don’t have to create search strings, because we know just where you are!


  7. Per Roxie’s and Erica’s comments about getting hits after mentioning celebrities–it’s true. I’ve occasionally mentioned celebrities here (that is, celebrities that non-historians would know about!), and although they were never the subject of extensive posts or analysis, I get hits for them all of the time.

    Searches like that make me aware of how the vast majority of people use the internet–mostly for celebrity news and pr()n0graphy–and how very, very differently I use it.


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