Pisco Sour, Miami, February 14th


Wish you were here…and wishing I could stay longer!  I’m off for a run on the beach with an old friend, and then we’re going to hang out at the pool.  This is my “spring break”–I’ve got to get some writing done this term that’s not-for-blog publication, so this weekend will have to last me until May.

0 thoughts on “Pisco Sour, Miami, February 14th

  1. My-ami! A beach, a pool, a fizzy tropical drink. Toto, I think we’re not in Oxford anymore, right? There was some kind of a piece in the Times travel section today about tough times in South Beach. Relatively speaking. Have a good one. And negotiate hard for free refills on that pisco!


  2. If you’re strolling around Collins Avenue, check 841, now known as Hotel Leon (I think) but once my home. I threw some good parties in that building, but then I was in my mid-20s and still into parties where people danced. And a couple of blocks down on Collins and 6th is Puerto Saguas, cheap good Cuban food — although not at the level of Versailles on a good day.


  3. Hey, Rad–the restaurant where that photo was taken was about a block away on Collins Ave. I was thinking of you in your party days here–we had a great Peruvian meal the night of the photo above, and some pretty good (but not great) Cuban food last night (not at Versailles, although that was a restaurant that was recommended to us!)


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