Change you can smell! Or, same old $h!t, different day



Via Corrente, the verdict on tax cheat Tim Geithner’s new plan to save the his universe:

I was going to dub the new financial plan TANF 2 — temporary assistance to needy financial institutions, without, you know, any of the means-testing or work requirements involved when poor people get help.

But Jamie Galbraith (private communication) has trumped me; he says it’s the Bad Assets Relief Fund.

Yes, we’ve gone from bad, to worse, to BARF.  Enjoy, darlings!  Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be done mucking out this darned stall–but I can’t expect the poor, dear animals who $h!t the place up to clean it up now, can I?

I guess the only worse investment than the BARF plan is, well, paying $36 billion dollars for each Republican vote for the “Stimulus Bill” right?  As Lambert at Corrente would say:  “And we get…?”

UPDATED, later this afternoon:  Wall Street no likee, either:  “Stocks Plunge as New Bailout Disappoints.”  Some days there’s just no pleasing people.  Better luck tomorrow, Timmy!

0 thoughts on “Change you can smell! Or, same old $h!t, different day

  1. When even THEY are calling it a “bad bank,” what can you say? I wish I could offload that share in an Arizona LLC, which in turn is a shell entity for a chunk of Guam hillside. It doesn’t get much more “toxic” than that! I just got upgraded in my department depth chart to “[Indyanna] & Co.,” since I’m organizing the breakfast run for a visiting job candidate later this week. I think I’ll charge it straight through to TARP/BARF/Whatever! That way we can make it mocha-javas after all.


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