Feminist news and views roundup, yee-haw!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and catch up on the news today, all you tenderfeet, dudes, and fellow cowpokes:

  • New Kid on the Hallway reports that women law students in their 20s are innocent of skirts-only dress codes, and view pantsuits as more conservative than skirt suits.
  • Time machine alert:  The Cult of True Womanhood lives again!  (Via Feminist Law Profs.)  “The ‘countercultural’ attitudes that signers support include the idea that women are called to affirm and encourage godly masculinity, and honor the God-ordained male headship of their husbands and pastors; that wifely submission to male leadership in the home and church reflects Christ’s submission to God, His Father; that ‘selfish insistence on personal rights is contrary to the spirit of Christ’; and, in a pronatalist turn of phrase that recalls the rhetoric of the Quiverfull conviction, their willingness to ‘receive children as a blessing from the Lord.'”
  • Political football tossed to Obama–he goes long.  (Why on the Friday night news dump, though?  Oh well–this cowgirl isn’t complaining.)

Adios, amigas!  Stay warm, and have a great weekend.

New York is saved, but is Colorado ready for a Senator with Locust Valley Lockjaw?

Kirsten Gillibrand will be New York’s next Senator–well done, Governor Patterson.  As for Colorado:  You be the judge.  (Scroll down to hear the interview of January 19, 2009, “Michael Bennet Gears Up for the U.S. Senate.”)

Bennet continues to be the beneficiary of awesome press.  Gee, I wonder if a Latino or Latina with his background would be given such a free pass?  Not really, I don’t–because of course, there are no Latin@s with his background–not until Latin@s are presidents of most prestigious colleges and universities, dominate the financial sector, are an overwhelming majority in all three branches of the federal government, and can steer their children successfully in following in their footsteps as the ruling elite.

Last night on 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan’s character had a funny line about “white myths,” such as the notion that diet is causally related to diabetes, “or Colorado.”  Well, Colorado’s ruling class is a white reality.  Governor Bill Ritter:  keeping Colorado safe for white male privilege!  With Dems like this, who needs Republicans?

99% perspiration?

The glamorous and mysterious Squadratomagico and Dr. Crazy at Reassigned Time have both graced this humble blog with an Inspiration Award, which comes with this nice painting of Marie Antoinette, and the command to go forth and share the love.  Herewith are five of the most inspiring blogs I’m reading these days:

  1. Reassigned Time, by Dr. Crazy.  (I swear, I was going to give her the award but she beat me to it!)  I like Dr. Crazy because of her total honesty and her fearlessness in sorting through tough issues, like for example the question of what faculty owe their employers, how (and why) to teach theory classes, and whether or not to ditch her class plans on Inauguration Day in favor of watching it on TV in class.  (What did you decide to do, Dr. C.?)
  2. Clio Bluestocking Tales, by Clio Bluestocking:  This woman is totally fearless in all aspects of her life, which makes for very interesting reading.  But there’s more:  although she has a crushing teaching load and little institutional support, she has managed to publish one book, she continues to appear at conferences, and she’s writing a biography of Frederick Douglass’s sister.  She also offers fabulously thoughtful posts about teaching African American history.  (And, just recently she found Charles Ingalls’s application for a homestead in DeSmet, South Dakota in the National Archives!) Continue reading

CK nixes Senate bid to attend to ailing uncle


Seriously?  Why not the “I need to spend these last few years at home with my teenaged children” excuse?  (Via Valhalla at Corrente.)  Here’s the key graph in the New York Times article:

On Wednesday she called Gov. David A. Paterson, who will choose a successor to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her concerns about Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s deteriorating health (he was hospitalized after suffering a seizure during President Obama’s inaugural lunch on Tuesday ) prompted her decision to withdraw, this person said. Coping with her uncle’s condition was her most important priority, a situation not conducive to starting a high profile public job.

Whatever.  Senator Kennedy has a wife, he lives in Virginia and Massachusetts, and he doesn’t have any minor children to look after, so I’m unclear about the services that Caroline Kennedy thinks she might might offer him.  What does “coping with her uncle’s condition” involve?  I suppose if that’s a deal breaker for you, then you really shouldn’t be in the Senate.  (Hey–Gerald Ford was President while his wife was seriously impaired, and John Edwards pursued his latest White House bid after wife Elizabeth’s cancer recurred.  What’s so rough about an ailing out-of-town uncle?)

UPDATE, 1/22/09:  Hey–don’t complain to me!  Senator Kennedy doesn’t like the fact that he’s being used as an excuse by his niece, either.  (Via The Daily Beast.)

UPDATE, 1/22/09, evening:  Aaaaannd, amateur hour just rolls on and on, doesn’t it?  I can’t believe this.  (And yes, I’m talking about Gov. Patterson as well as Kennedy!  Please, everyone:  tell “your people” to STFU already.)

Inauguration Day 2009

Liveblogging the Inauguration–all times MDT:

9:28 a.m:  Brian Williams is a font of misinformation.  Earlier he reminded people of something that never happened in 2001, the so-called vandalism of the White House by departing Clinton staffers.  Then as Lynne Cheney arrived, he said that she was a “historian in her own right.”  Yeah, Brian:  and you’re just a super anchorman.  (Paging Ron Burgundy!)

9:33 a.m.:  Just got a good look at Michelle Obama’s outfit.  Do. Not. Want.  Too much stiff brocade.  But, it’s very retro and Jacqueline Kennedy-esque.  Maybe it’s just the coat I’m reacting to–the dress underneath looks like it might be promising.

9:40 a.m.:  Awesome views of the mall, jam-packed with people.

9:43 a.m.:  The man of the hour arrives.

9:47 a.m.:  The presidency is famously aging.  I never thought George W. Bush took it nearly as seriously as he should have, and he always seems to have gotten 8 hours of sleep.  But–he has aged dramatically too, like his predecessors.

9:48 a.m.:  The smarmy Rick Warren:  a neutral prayer.  “We are Americans. . . united . . . to (sic) our commitment to freedom and justice for all.”  (Except the gays.)  Rings the Jesus bell before launching into the Our Father/Lord’s Prayer.  (Hey–Historiann is ecumenical, even if Warren is not!)

9:53 a.m.:  Aretha Franklin!

9:57 a.m.:  Joe Biden takes the oath of office.  See ya, Dick Cheney.

10:05:  Barack Obama takes the oath of office.  Exhale!  How sweet that William Rehnquist died before he could administer the oath of office once again.  (Except that unfortunately, Obama doesn’t get to make his replacement appointment!)  John Roberts flubs the oath. Continue reading

Inauguration Day Roundup: don't let the barn door hit ya where the good lord split ya edition

See ya, chump!

See ya, chump!

Some interesting news and views about the Baracktastic Husseineriffic Obamapalooza tomorrow:

I’m not teaching tomorrow, so I’ll have it parked in front of the set for the inauguration ceremony and the big speech.  I’ve watched every inauguration since Ronald Reagan’s second in 1985, with the exception of George W. Bush’s second inauguration in 2005.  It’s good to want to turn on the teevee again, isn’t it?

As of Tuesday afternoon–can everyone just get back to work already?  I mean, it’s not like the dudes in Washington don’t have a lot on their plates, aside from phesant and duck with the sour cherry chutney, right?