Inauguration Day Roundup: don't let the barn door hit ya where the good lord split ya edition

See ya, chump!

See ya, chump!

Some interesting news and views about the Baracktastic Husseineriffic Obamapalooza tomorrow:

I’m not teaching tomorrow, so I’ll have it parked in front of the set for the inauguration ceremony and the big speech.  I’ve watched every inauguration since Ronald Reagan’s second in 1985, with the exception of George W. Bush’s second inauguration in 2005.  It’s good to want to turn on the teevee again, isn’t it?

As of Tuesday afternoon–can everyone just get back to work already?  I mean, it’s not like the dudes in Washington don’t have a lot on their plates, aside from phesant and duck with the sour cherry chutney, right?

0 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Roundup: don't let the barn door hit ya where the good lord split ya edition

  1. Funny how skippable the ’05 inaugural was, eh? The only State of the Union speeches I have missed within memory (and when in the country) were some of those latter ones from W. as well. Just couldn’t take any more mangling of the English language, from both the malapropism and doublespeak ends….


  2. I had worked a lot on local 2004 campaigns and given a lot of money to Kerry, so the ’05 inaugural would have been salt in the wounds. I had one Dem friend who told me shortly after election day ’04 that he was looking forward to inauguration day. I was shocked, until he explained: on inauguration day ’05, we’ll finally be on the downward slope of the Bush presidency!


  3. I checked out starting 2005, too — almost wrecked my health volunteering for Kerry.

    I’m gingerly being hopeful, beyond all the pomp. Might go out for Obama cupcakes latter (but will probably get the red velvet)


  4. I am a happy chickadee today. First it snows in South Carolina (probably made most of SC miserable, but made me purely giddy), then we ALL got rid of President Crazypants.

    Canned cherries probably taste better than fresh cherries in January. (Or at least, they’re more likely to be American-grown cherries, and/or don’t cost $10 per pound.)


  5. Erica–good to hear from you. Enjoy your snow!

    I think you’re right that they’re better than fresh cherries, but in a cherry chutney I’d probably go with dried Michigan sour cherries, soaked in the liquor of your choice.

    Fruit in cans is just a totally different substance than fresh fruit.


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