Est-ce qu'on faire du ski?

Yeah, me neither, but what do you expect:  I grew up in Ohio!  But I have these very cool ski pants now that make it look like I ski, so that’s pretty close.  (The tag above is “fluff,” but I think “powder” is perhaps more appropriate?)

I’m on a little weekend getaway with pals, so consider this an open thread to play in.  I can’t reveal the location of our secret mountain hideaway–suffice it to say, “there’s always a beaver in the creek.”

(There’s a prize for anyone who gets that obscure reference, by the way.)

0 thoughts on “Est-ce qu'on faire du ski?

  1. Oooh, ahh, Silverton? No, Vail? No, dang, I’ll figure it out if it is the last thing I do…

    Enjoy your trip! I imagine it is quite beautiful up where the beavers play in the creek!


  2. Um, “Not Exactly Roughing It” (TM)? The Talons Challenge? My google can beat everybody else’s google.

    But I figured this was too obvious so I was thinking something French, traders, trappers, metis, etc. So I tried for something with “Castor” in it, but all I got was a bunch of lawyers and accountancy partnerships. I’m stumped. Wait a minute, “Stump Creek Mountain,” right!?” “Attention aux Souches” (TM) (tr: Watch Those Stumps). So what’s the prix, anyway?


  3. JJO wins the prize! “There’s always a beaver in the creek” is the tag line of a fictional TV show (“Beaver Creek”) produced by a fictional low-budget company called Pyramid Productions, which was the subject of a very clever Rick Mercer sitcom called “Made in Canada” (in Canada) and “The Industry” in the U.S. “Beaver Creek” was a Little House on the Prairie-like historical drama whose set was always plagued by the antics of diva-like actors, the inopportune death of one of the actors. As JJO suggested, every episode ended with one of the characters saying one of two tag lines: “I think that went well,” or “This…is not good.”

    Sadly, only 4 episodes of Season I are on DVD. It is hands-down the smartest and funniest TV show I’ve ever seen.

    And yes, as nicolec and Indyanna hinted, I’m based in Beaver Creek, Colorado this weekend.


  4. I broke out my racing equipment today and did some X-Country skiing in Kirby Park in downtown Wilkes-Barre, attracting many bizarre looks from the locals who were not holed up. The only real shock was that the police did not attempt to arrest me 8-P.


  5. Excellent! With all of the epic snow this year in the mountains, I wonder if I should give skiing a try again. Maybe I will in the spring, when it’s warm and slushy. Meanwhile–it’s going to be 60 degrees here and sunny tomorrow down here on the plains…


  6. come on now, you’re showing that you’re from “southern ohio”–as opposed to the REAL ohio–where I am from!

    –southern ohio being anything south of Akron and west of Elyria.

    In real ohio there are several ski areas like Brandywine and Boston Mills in the Cuyahoga Valley.

    These places are where generations of suburban teens spend their evenings night skiing, drinking beer, smoking pot, and making out during the all too brief ski lift rides.

    Of course, when you ski some place that has snow–as opposed to the black ice of the NEO ski areas, you don’t quite know how to handle it.


  7. Steveeboy–I’m actually from Toledo, and there were little hills in Michigan that people there ski. But, as you point out, the skiing in the midwest is sub-par. (When I lived near Dayton/Cincinnati, there was a little hill in Indiana called “True North” or something, but the skiers in my family never bothered…)


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