FLASH: MLA is all booze, schmooze, puke, Judith Butler, Stanley Fish, repeat

It’s all here in this post at Roxie’s World–keep an eye out for the mysterious recluse who makes a brief appearance in the post.  (Allegedly, the barfing was due to a stomach flu, not an excess of Harvey Wallbangers, or whatever it is those MLA-types are drinking these days while they watch the world go by outside of Trader Vic’s.)  Love you, gals!  Wish I could ring in the New Year with you, but I’ll probably be in bed before 2009 even hits Nova Scotia, let alone Sonoma!

0 thoughts on “FLASH: MLA is all booze, schmooze, puke, Judith Butler, Stanley Fish, repeat

  1. Thanks for the highly effective advertisement for our MLA post, Historiann. Note to the editorial division at Roxie’s World: More tabloid-style headlines, please, preferably with rhyme and at least one crude reference to a bodily function. We’re pleased to report that Goose was sufficiently recovered last night to get back to drinking, NOT Harvey Wallbangers, but a couple of Cosmos and a fine flight of pinot noirs at the cool restaurant they went to in the Haight.

    A very happy new year to you, cowgirl. May 2009 bring peace to the world and Excellence WITH money to you and yours.


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