Christmas cookie exchange and U.S. Senate appointment update

Well, the cookies have been baked (at least one batch of each), and delivered to neighbors and friends.  I still have a wrapping marathon ahead of me, but I thought you’d love to feast (your eyes, at least) on my heaping plate o’cookies!  (I’m not the first blogger to post cookie photos–Roxie beat me to it with her photo and recipe for “Moose’s Boobs” cookies last weekend.  Grades were only due yesterday–what do you think Historiann was doing all weekend, friends?) 

Clockwise starting at 12 o’clock, that’s pistachio cranberry Christmas bark, decorated sugar cookies (with a crazed lederhosen-wearing cookie on top), holly cookies, and Mexican wedding cakes.  The holly cookies were an exercise in nostalgia for my 1970s childhood–the Mexican wedding cakes are actually my favorite.  Not pictured:  gingerbread and Christmas cake, the items I had no hand in making.

Perhaps I should add the cookies to my list of qualifications to become my state’s next U.S. Senator?  The Denver Post featured a story this morning suggesting that our dear Governor Bill Ritter has lots of men on his list of possible appointees, but not so many women.  I think either U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette or former Colorado Senate President Joan Fitzgerald would be terrific, if I’m somehow overlooked.  If you want to send the Governor a note of support on my behalf (or anyone else’s), you can send it to:  ussenate DOT comments AT state DOT co DOT us.

Merry Christmas, if that’s your style.  If it’s not, stay warm and eat some cookies anyway!

0 thoughts on “Christmas cookie exchange and U.S. Senate appointment update

  1. They look virtually good enough to virtually eat! My favorite remembered recipe is for “Fatigman” (which we of course called Fattymen), a Danish shortbread cookie twisted into a sort of trappezoidal figure 8 shape. The recipe is on a dough-stained index card in the family archive… somewhere around here, anyway, but probably not realistically retrievable. We should have scanned them, I guess, but scan meant something different then.

    Just to report from the East: the Kennedy express has apparently slowed from surge strength, buffetted by City/Upstate tensions, arcane Gothamite factional dynamics extending back to Leisler’s “Rebellion” in 1689, and I guess the fact that you really CAN push a constituency of one a bit too hard. The gov. says he won’t appoint anyone until after Hillary is confirmed, which–together with the standoff in Minnesota and the mess in Illinois–will leave the Democratic juggernaut a few bricks shy of a battalion in late January when the Republican counterattack on the stimulus package is expected. So we should all get working on Gov. Ritter and his comments hot.line!!


  2. p.s. Fat chance! I just googled the thing on and got linked through to the recipe on So I guess somebody else scanned them. Now I guess I’ll have to see if the oven works; no, wait, this is a deep-fried stovetop thing. I know that works!


  3. And a hearty hohoho to you and yours, Historiann. Still hoping your senate bid works out, but if it doesn’t here’s to another great year in the blogosphere for all of us in 2009.


  4. Same to you, Historiann! I haven’t repaired to my test kitchen(s) yet, but if and when anything comes of it, I’ll send along a sample box for approval at HQ. One thing about these babies–for me anyway–is that they can’t get stale. (They’re pretty dry-ish, so maybe people think they start stale?). We used to pack them in big ceramic crocks and then sort of forget about them, except for me–I’d just gnaw on them all winter. Whatever.


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