Senate stealth campaign update: campaign buttons!

Historiann blog friend Bing McGandhi from Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes has made some campaign buttons for my bid to replace Ken Salazar in the U.S. Senate.  Thanks so much to all of you who have expressed support for my campaign in the post below–so far as I can tell, only two of you are actual Colorado voters, but of course campaign contributions can cross state lines, so give early and often, friends!

In other news:  most newspapers are running variations on the story that Caroline Kennedy is the front runner to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate.  But, most newspapers are also running with the idiotic line that “Kennedy . . . helped to defeat [Clinton] in this year’s Democratic primaries.”  Uh, no.  After Caroline and Ted Kennedy rolled out their big endorsements before Super Tuesday, which is when the Massachusetts and New York primaries were held, and after Caroline K. campaigned for Obama in California, all three of those states went by an overwhelming margin for Clinton, not Obama.  Kennedy magic, much?  Maybe not in New York, Massachusetts, and California when it counted.

Anyhoo, print up these babies and pass them out freely at the American Historical Association’s annual conference.  I won’t be there, seeing as it’s not in Denver this year (or, like, ever!), and that’s where I’ll be most of the rest of the month lobbying the Governor when I’m not on my “listening tours” on the Eastern Plains and the San Luis Valley, talking to clean, green energy researchers at Baa Ram U., and attending boffo fundraisers in Aspen, Vail, and Beaver Creek.  Laterz!

0 thoughts on “Senate stealth campaign update: campaign buttons!

  1. So after you’re in office, can I be your press rep? I’m not exactly sure what a press rep does, and I have absolutely no experience in media, but I think I could be really good at it.


  2. ej, great idea! Just as we can have “Exellence Without Money,” why not the campaign slogan, “Excellence Without Experience?” I’ll get Bing on the case to make some more buttons.

    You’d be great as my Communications Director. You tell students all of the time, “talk to the hand,” and as far as I can tell that’s some pretty good practice for dealing with reporters.


  3. A real stance on real issues; that’s the thing. I think the Designated Hitter Rule is going to emerge as a stealth issue in 2010. It technically doesn’t raise any federal questions, of course. But with Denver being a National League town, and with the president likely to drop the White Sox like a hot rock to support the Nationals, I think the caucus will support a return to the old order. Without the DH you lose the double-switch. Then bunting skills start to erode, and, well, life as we know it has been pretty much suspended since the 1980s. (My last trip to Colorado, on Amtrak, we got stopped by a freight, uh, situation. And somewhere east of Fort Morgan, I saw a schoolyard full of jr. high school age girls working on bunting drills for at least an hour! And I got to thinking, there really IS hope in the heartland). Arlen Specter is already flip-flopping on this thing bigtime back this way, and don’t get me going on Bob Casey.


  4. This is such a brilliant idea! I don’t have any experience either, so I am pleased to offer my services as your campaign manager. My skills? I am a cranky old bitch with limited bowel and bladder control. I sleep about 20 hours a day and have never managed anything, unless you count my years of squirrel-chasing and barking at the UPS guy. Also, I have never been to Colorado, but my humans will fly over it next week on their way to the MLA convention in San Francisco. Please send buttons — Moose promises to hand them out at cocktail parties!

    Think Little — I LOVE it.


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