I'm really interested in your work…

Prince...Diana Prince

Just go read GayProf’s musings on academic conference sex:  the pros and (mostly) cons.  I must be the most clueless person in the world, but I have never been aware of anything like this happening at a conference.  I mean no offense, but honestly, the only thing less appetizing than contemplating the boot-knocking that might be happening at an academic conference is knocking boots at an academic conference.  (Click here–you can always say you visited for the Wonder Woman photos.)

0 thoughts on “I'm really interested in your work…

  1. I think it might also be a discipline thing. No offense to my fellow historians, but I don’t think we’d win too many academic beauty contests. I’m not sure that is the case, however, with the folks in say, American Studies or Sociology.


  2. ej, in general I agree with you, but I must defend GayProf’s honor: he is a historian, and yet very nice-looking. And, American Studies isn’t nearly as glamorous as MLA. (Sociology? No THANK you!)

    And, The_Myth: yes, I was struck by that too, and a little surprised–but then, as I said above, I am always the last to know about these things, so maybe I am even more totally clueless and naive than ever!


  3. At the risk of protesting too much — I did not have sex at ASA. Most of my time was spent with my Amazon Sisters.

    Geez, just because I devoted an entire blog post on the topic, including illustrations, people jump to conclusions.


  4. Yes, I’m with you Historiann. I’m totally clueless. Some years ago I was at our specialty conference and we ran into friends chuckling because they had just seen some couple who’d long had a conference affair. And I was like, Huh?
    Oh, well. I though Gayprof was totally on target with his comments on the subject. And me, I’m just oblivious to that stuff.


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