Do we need a knife or a scalpel for this cake?

Check out this cake celebrating a premature birth–it’s wrecktastic!  It’s technically perfect but actually awful.  (Click the link to get the closeup of the innocent-looking naked marzipan/fondant baby.)  This one goes out to friends and readers KN and KN, on the birth of CMN, who slid out just a few weeks early last weekend but by all accounts is home with hir parents and is doing very well.  Oh, and by all accounts, KN the mother still has her arms, legs, and head intact, so she’s doing better than the marzipan mommy on the cake.

Congratulations to the N family!

0 thoughts on “Do we need a knife or a scalpel for this cake?

  1. That is even creepier than the dog-in-lettuce cake from a few weeks back, Historiann. I do not think the baby looks innocent. It’s a scary/evil baby springing out of its headless mother’s body to unleash some terrible ickiness upon the world. I am terrified!


  2. As the mother of a baby born 6 weeks early, I have to say, she did look a lot like that baby on the cake-preemies tend to be even more old-man-like than normal babies, since they don’t have all the baby fat they should.

    I do hope I looked a bit better than the mom depicted here, though!


  3. You did look better than that e.j.–in fact, the day your child was born, you walked with me to the NICU to show me the baby on your still-attached legs! And Roxie, isn’t that what babies do: unleash terrible ickiness upon the world? (In a cute, manageable way, that is?)


  4. Yes, I thought the same thing–I think it’s the purple frosting ruffles near the missing arms that look more like emergent legs.

    What I want to see is a baby shower baby cake with the baby smoking the father’s “congratulations” cigar. Now, that would be a show-stopper!


  5. Even my daughter thinks that baby emerging from a torso is creepy! “Look, Mom, it’s a scary baby!”

    My husband wanted to see Alien when it was briefly re-released in theaters. I was pregnant at the time and absolutely refused to go with him. REALLY didn’t need the whole thing-exploding-from-stomach visual at that time…


  6. Ha! Good one, Ortho. Now that’s the kind of cake that should be served at a preemie shower!

    Erica, I actually saw _Rosemary’s Baby_ in the condition you describe. The other adult in the household was much more freaked out by the spectacle than I was! What can I say: I like the 1960s Mia Farrow.


  7. Do people still do that see-gar thing?!? It would at a minimum, I think, have to be bootlegged out of the hospital or birthing-center. My institution is interpreting our state’s “INdoor Clean Air Act” as prohibiting smoking anywhere on campus, indoor or out. This doesn’t clash with most people’s substantive sentiments, but it does seem to smite the inner libertarian (or maybe the semantic literalist?) in a wide variety of people. To say nothing of the Fair Labor Standards Act (appropriate citation for a birthing thread, I guess) sensibilities of both of the campus unions.


  8. @Indyanna — I think most people do candy nowadays, if anything. My husband suggested we could hand out snuff rather than cigars, just to be different. (We didn’t.)


  9. I hear FratGuy gave out real cigars, but then again, what else would you expect from FratGuy? (Those bubblegum cigars are just dumb. What adult chews bubble gum anyway, except baseball players trying to quit snuff?)

    Like I said: I want to see a smoking baby shower cake.


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