Introducing our Fall and Winter Collection, 2008

This post is just a bagatelle for my Barbie knitwear fans.  Looks like the girls have a trip planned–where will they go?  What will they do?  Will they bring along a knit bathing suit, if there’s a pool at their hotel? 

I kind of like that ensemble on Blonde Barbie, at right, although I could do without the flowers–they remind me of the Christmas jumper Mark Darcy dares to wear in Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Sometimes it’s a fine line between something you’d see in your Anthropologie catalogue, and one of those kitty-cat or Christmas tree appliqué sweaters…

0 thoughts on “Introducing our Fall and Winter Collection, 2008

  1. I think I’ll go with contestant # 2 (in the middle). Quite more restrained on the use of flowers, and so closer to the Anthropologie end of the spectrum, but still a little variety for the eye. But whoah, that’s a lotta fluff. Would this have been co-posted under “fluff” if not for that neckware, and the, uh, is that a bag there? They could be all flying down to Rio for the Berks Conference when it’s someday held in the southern hemisphere, which would make it the equivalent of what, December?


  2. I was with Indyanna and thought the puff on a string was a handbag. I hadn’t thought of muffs–but that’s a really good guess, Sharon. They were objects of great envy for me in the 1970s–I never had one, alas! Does anyone else remember Veruca Salt’s matching fur coat and muff ensemble as she entered the Wonka factory grounds?

    (Or, maybe Barbie is just swinging a dead cat?)


  3. Veruca Salt is touring again, and to judge from a few of the YouTube vids I just previewed, if they could perform this discography in ANY kind of knitwear, to say nothing of muffs, it would be pretty impressive! No good for slushy snowballs either, as it happens.


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