Men Who Get It

While most of the bloggy stuff I link to is written by women, because of mutual interests and not by design, I want to take a special moment to acknowledge the contributions of those among us who are not women.  These non-women have typed up some good stuff recently, and I want to acknowledge their contribution to intelligent political discourse.  So, let’s all light up a mandle instead of cursing the darkness, and enjoy:

  • George Lakoff “frames” much of what I’ve tried to communicate here over the past 10 days about “be” campaigns versus “do” campaigns, and why Republicans are so darned good at the “be” campaigns.  (H/t to Roxie, who is female but is of another species, and so is also not a woman!  See her latest post on Palin and how her fundamentalism is not being read accurately by the Demoratic Dimmesdales among us.)
  • Matt Stoller makes good points about Dem cluelessness about the charms of Sarah Palin, and the dangers of Dems “not getting it,” comparing some Dems to “insiders during Stephen Colbert’s white house correspondent’s dinner, insiders that insisted he wasn’t funny because they were the butt of his jokes and they couldn’t see it.”  Ouch!
  • Arthur Silber at Power of Narrative, both here and here.  Re: the second recommended post here, I also listen to some right wing talk radio.  (Here is where you might suspect that “Historiann” is actually an elaborate internet hoax being perpetuated by a 70 year old man!  But–I’m not, in spite of the AM radio quirk.  Ask GayProf–he met me in RL, and can vouch for me.)  I only listen late at night, the local guys on the 10-1 a.m. shift and the national B- and C-listers I catch,  not the big shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Bill O’Reilly.  But, trust me:  from what I hear, right wing talk radio is alive with excitement now in a way it hasn’t been all year long because of Palin, and because of the paroxysms of rage and disbelief her nomination has elicited from the Democrats.

0 thoughts on “Men Who Get It

  1. Great post, even if I haven’t had a chance yet to check out any of the recommended readings yet. That “New Baseball Glove” Mandle brought back some great memories of mine arriving in a Sears delivery truck, I have to say. In the house next door lived our “Aunt” Lillian Hannit–Eisenhower-era suburban fictive kinship systems–who I learned last Christmas much later became the mom of the kid who even still later became Sean Hannity. Good thing we moved when we did, I guess. (Although I never really heard of the guy until last December, having only a tiny bit more radio than I do T.V.!)


  2. Mmmmmmm… baseball glove. I’m not a man, but I love that smell–I remember sleeping with a mitt on my face. (This despite the fact that I was a disaster on the field, and served one terrible season as the worst player on the most terrible team in the league!)


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