Academic blog roundup: I know what you did this summer edition

We’ve had some recent reader complaints that Historiann has been remiss in posting pictures of cute cowgirls lately, and we agree.  (Although, don’t you think that real-life North Country Gal, Rootin’ Shootin’ Sarah Palin counts just a little bit?)  So, here you go complainers!  Didn’t we overhear you complaining about the coffee and beans at a Dude Ranch out thisaway, too?

Give the people what they want, I always say, so here’s a little roundup of news, previews, and advice on the academic blog circuit:

  • Tenured Radical was on the job all summer long, working on her series of posts containing advice for both job seekers and search committees.  Yesterday she offered a post about applying for jobs when you already have one.  For those of you behind in your mandatory TR reading see these posts on how to write a great letter of application, and (for those interviewing hapless young victims) how to write a good job ad and how to be a good search chair.  Next up, she promises advice to search committees as to how to evaluate a pool of applicants.  
  • Adjunct Whore (who is really Tenure-Track Whore now) has had a couple of really bad weeks, but all is well and order has been restored in her universe.  Still, I sympathize with her fears that both her body and her blog had been taken over by hostile invaders.  As a family member of mine famously says, “After 40, it’s all patch, patch, patch!”
  • Squadratomagico is back home from Burning Man, and we all eagerly await photos and descriptions of what she saw there, (especially any Barbie- or other doll-related displays, natch.)
  • At RomantoesTom Rose explores his her hatred of the “mawkish and bombastic” Bob Seger in “Shutup in Aisle Five,” while Rose and also writes “Meet the New Right, Same as the Old Right, now STFU.”  (What is it with the shout-outs to shutups at that blog?)  I guess I would say that it’s refreshing to hear at least one major party in this country speak out against sexism, however disingenuously–I’m just really sorry it’s not the Democratic Party! 
  • Cakewrecks does it again, with some cakes that make taxidermy for household pets look like a classy afterlife.  (So it’s not an academic blog–but you all don’t post enough photos of stupid cakes on your blogs, so what’s a girl to do?)

0 thoughts on “Academic blog roundup: I know what you did this summer edition

  1. Speaking as a dog, I have to say that I find this cake a little creepy, but I’m also a little wounded that you didn’t put up a picture of a terrier cake. C’mon, Historiann! I thought we were friends, and terriers are way, way cuter than the vaguely beagle-ish critter featured on this cake. Don’t you agree?


  2. I think the creepiest aspect of this cake is that the puppy appears to be sitting on a bed of lettuce: puppy salad?

    I have yet to check my BM photos to see if any of them came out — I’m not much of a photographer, and with all the dust at BM, it’s sort of a pain to tote a camera around and to try to protect it. However, I did try to get a few shots one day of my favorite art pieces. Walked by Barbie Death Camp (somewhere around 3:30 or 4 and Corvair, I think), but didn’t go in.


  3. Sorry, Roxie–I just thought the beagle or daschund or whatever it is cake was creepier–as Sq. says, “puppy salad?”

    Sq.–I’ll look forward to seeing whatever snaps you managed to get. You must be on the quarter system–enjoy your last few weeks of summer!


  4. Hey, thanks for the shout-out, Historiann, even though our blog probably isn’t “academic blogospere” kosher. We talk about Bob Seger, after all (I, incidentally, am the Seger-hater; Tom maintains some nostalgic 80s-boy affection for him).

    And I hope I’ve now exhausted my “shut up”-derived blog titles. But with so many more weeks left until the election, I won’t make any promises.


  5. Wow, Rose–sorry about that mistaken attribution to Tom. (The post just sounded so totally “village grouchy,” if you know what I mean!) You have been married to long, my friends.

    And I hear you about the shut-ups. Every year I think the discourse can’t get any dumber, and every year I’m horrified to see that it manages that, and with sizeable margins of stupid on the side.


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