Tuesday morning Barbie blogging: let them eat cake edition

Today is Historiann’s brother’s birthday–happy birthday, Mark!  Since you never outgrow Barbie cake, here’s one that will give you truly man-sized slices, at man-sized prices.  ($60 for that?  Yegads, even *I* could do better than that with an ovenproof bowl, store-bought icing, and one of my vintage barbies!  Don’t dare me–I just might give it a try.) 

Nothing but the best for you, Markie!  Love ya!  (Cake once again catered by Cakewrecks.)

0 thoughts on “Tuesday morning Barbie blogging: let them eat cake edition

  1. Love the cake! Quite reminiscent of years past, but don’t you think a GI Joe would be more appropriate for Markle? I could dig that camo frosting and it sure would beat a Ken cake all to hell!


  2. I thought you would like this one. Great idea for the G.I. Joe cake–but what would he be popping out of? Probably not a camoflague-and-tulle skirt, but what about a foxhole-shaped cake? (Pretty much the bowl-shaped cake, only with the top sliced off about 1/4 the way down, and chopped up a bit to look like dirt clumps.)

    I don’t know what a Ken cake would look like–but you can click on the Cakewrecks link above to see some odd renditions of the masculine form in cake…they’re too ugly to be gay cakes. (At least, the gay men I know have much higher standards, both in men and in cakes!)


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