Happy Birthday, ej!

Happy birthday to Historiann commenter ej!  You may be in your late thirties and therefore well on the way to decrepitude, but as the cake says, at least you’ve still got your looks.  (No matter what that jerk of a husband of yours says!)  Cake catered today by CakeWrecks.

By the way, I don’t know if you’re a big believer in astrology or not, but did you know that you share a birthday with this guy?  (Not so pretty!)  He’s celebrating his birthday in Dayton, Ohio this morning of all places.

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, ej!

  1. Thanks, Historiann. I have to admit, I woke this morning feeling a bit glum, until I saw that cake.

    My spirits were considerably higher until I clicked on that link and discovered who else shared my birthday!

    But at least I’m not as old as that guy, right?


  2. Thanks for all the good vibes! It was, after all, a lovely birthday. Finding out that I shared it with Michael Jackson canceled out the disappointment of sharing it with John McCain!


  3. Wow! I was just catching up with the blog and did a double take when I read this post. August 29th is my birthday, too, and my middle initial is ‘j.’ Weird!


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