Incan Barbie, Arequipa

Many people find there way here by googling “academic workplace” or “academic bullying,” but every day dozens of people come to after googling “Barbie,” “Barbies,” or the word “Barbie” modified by several different adjectives.  (“Eccentric barbie outfits,” or “Barbie wedding dress” are two popular iterations.)  Weirdly, on Tuesday someone googled “sean (sic) cassidy doll,” and it led them here!  Was there ever such a thing?  I mean, my brother and I had the Six Million Dollar Man doll, the Bionic Woman doll, the 1970s-era G.I. Joe with the fuzzy hair and beard, and the Cher doll, but I’ve never heard of a Shaun Cassidy doll.  (If I had heard of it back in 1977, I’m sure I would have wanted it!)

Anyway, Barbie fans and other doll-watchers, the picture to the right is all for you!  She was photographed in Arequipa, Peru, the second largest city after Lima.  H/t to Historiann commenter Homostorian Americanist, who writes:  “It was in a souvenir shop on the Plaza de Armas, . . . . and was being used to display what they called ‘traditional Incan clothing.’  The photos were actually taken by my friend, Emily F.  And we went back a second day (no camera when we first saw it) to snap it.  The owner looked at us a little oddly.”  Thanks, Homostorian Americanist and Emily, for spending the shoe leather just for this photo, and for sharing it with Historiann!

If you want to lighten things up in your mind, please just enjoy the new Barbie photo.  If you want to continue the heavier conversations below, by all means, let the consciousness raising continue!  (No one has yet written in with answers to my “million dollar question”–how can faculty of goodwill turn a bad department good again?  If you’ve got any ideas or success stories, please don’t keep them all to yourself!)

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  1. My sister went to high school with Shaun Cassidy, who’s now listed on the school’s development office website under the “missing alumni” rubric. Fanzine websites, however, seem to locate him as a middle aged, married, and parental type living in Folsom, CA, who now works mostly “behind the camera,” as the saying goes. I never met the guy, or heard that much about him, as to whether he was “doll-like” or whatever, but wasn’t he some kind of a famous teen “idol” before we got to elect them? Anyway, great to hear that the Incas were already enjoying Barbies, and that they apparently reached the “West” by heading eastward, via the Columbian exchange!


  2. If there was a Shaun Cassidy doll, it had to have been produced by Mego (the same people who brought you the Cher doll and the Wonder Woman doll). Poor, doomed toy company of the 1970s.

    As for making a bad department good, the key in my mind is to install good people into positions of power, ensure that they hire more good people (so that they can eventually out vote the bad), and that they never try to compromise or appease the bad ones.


  3. GayProf,

    I found it!

    also here,

    It was a Kenner product, and technically it was a “Joe Hardy” doll from the Hardy Boys TV show. (There’s a Frank Hardy/Parker Stevenson doll shown in the second link, too.)

    For anyone who wants to see a *real* doll website, not the ersatz, dilletantte-ish discussions at Historiann, go see: (There’s a good Mego site, which details all of the Mego dolls produced back in the day. There were actually Welcome Back Kotter dolls! (What weird kid would have wanted those–really! No wonder Mego isn’t with us any more…)

    Looking around at all of the crazy Mego dolls, I remembered that I also have the complete Mego set of Wizard of Oz dolls (4 main characters plus Glinda and the WW of the West.) They’re in pretty good shape too, although out of their original boxes.

    Mego link:


  4. I was in the Shaun Cassidy Fan Club when I was young i’m still proud to admit!I have a Shaun Cassidy barbie doll and I still have my blue satin jacket with his picture on the back from his fan club! As an adult, I still listen to his records now and then, In my 20’s as a ritual I used to listen to them while getting ready to go out on weekends. My friends and family still laugh about my infatuation with Shaun, but I don’t mind. I was even able to find his song ‘Walk Away’ online to download… so i’m not the only one,lol


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