This is the end, beautiful friend.

For Senator Clinton’s speech today, see Roxie’s World for on-the-scene reportage, including some really nice photos of their very own.  I don’t have anything to add to Roxie’s nice overview and commentary, so go there and enjoy.  Thanks, Roxie, for your intrepid on-the-scene activism, reporting, and photography these past two weekends. 

Please try to avoid the patronizing commentary about the speech.  (And is anyone else tired of hearing the word “graceful,” with its obviously gendered connotations?  Why not just cut to the chase and say “ladylike?”  Jerkoffs.)  UPDATERead Digby instead.

See you at the next rodeo, Roxie.

0 thoughts on “This is the end, beautiful friend.

  1. Giddy-up, girlfriend! Thanks for the kind words, and we can’t wait for the next rodeo — unless we have to ride unity ponies. We’re still thinking about that. . . .


  2. Yeah, there are no ponies or unicorns at any rodeo I’ve ever seen, out here in real-time rodeo land. There are some old, very wooly sheep that they use for the children’s event known as “mutton busting.” It sounds cute, but those sheep are pretty ornery, and they look like they’d happily stamp through the skulls of the children who fall off of them!

    Thanks for your reporting–say hi to Candy Man for me.


  3. I thought her speech was amazing. I too cried for what might have been. A woman in the oval office would have been amazing. And only possible if the Democratic party is as strong in the future as she envisions it being. And that is only possible if there is a Democrat in the White House. Since its obviously not going to be Hillary, her supporters are going to have to vote for someone else. The possibility that those votes might go to McCain disturbs me greatly. Clearly, Hillary was capable of seeing that this fight wasn’t all about her. Its bigger than that. I’m disturbed that so many of her most adamant supporters (like those from Roxie’s World) don’t agree.


  4. I’ve said all along that the party will unify, and I think most Clinton supporters will vote Democratic in November. But, Obama has a lot of work to do, too, in asking for their votes. Clinton did everything she possibly could to encourage her voters to see the bigger picture that she sees–but Democrats are not rodeo sheep, so they’ll need to hear from the presumptive nominee too before they’ll make up their minds.

    She won a primary just five days ago by double-digits–and she won all of the biggies for 3 months straight–so many of her supporters will need some time to think everything through.


  5. Yeah, Regis–and probably a good lay, too. That’ll fix her!

    Why does anyone allow that hack plagiarist a platform? I guess there are no other women historians who know anything at all about American political history!


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