If you didn't like those t-shirts…

from this post (remember?), go vote for your favorite t-shirt design here.

I voted for the one on the right:  a little humor, along with an “everywoman” and “everyman” theme.  I liked the other designs–let’s just say, there wasn’t a “Celine Dion” in the mix.  I kind of liked the Andy Warhol inspired one, but the slogan at the bottom wasn’t clever and/or wasn’t a campaign slogan or theme.  This one seemed like the design and message were all one.

0 thoughts on “If you didn't like those t-shirts…

  1. I’m with you, Historiann — I think the pantsuit has become iconic for Clinton in this campaign and that the tee-shirt is both clever and powerful in tapping into much of what it conveys about her candidacy: her grace under pressure, the mix of elegance and practicality, her wash-and-wear ability to withstand sexist attacks. I like it!


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