Intersex crossing

Date:  May 13, 2008

Time:  4:25 p.m.

Place:  Potterville, Colorado; corner of Mystreet and Oneblocknorth.

Found:  Intersex crossing sign.

(I know some jackass teenager did this with a Sharpie–but I’m choosing to read it as a comment on our restrictive and distorting gender binary and compulsory heterosexuality.  And, it’s the most interesting vandalism that I’ve ever seen in this town!)

At the 2008 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women next month, we’ve got a great panel that brings together disability studies, queer theory, and the history of sexuality in really innovative ways.  “How Do They Do It?:  Sexual Representations of Conjoined Twins in U.S. Culture” features Ellen Samuels on “Entertaining Millie and Christine McCoy:  Where Enslavement and Enfreakment Meet,” Alison Kafter on “Fabulist Past, Fabulist Future But no Queer Presence:  Desiring Disability in Sheila Jackson’s Half-Life,” and Cynthia Wu on “The Queer Pleasures and Frustrations of Chang and Eng’s Autopsy,” chaired by Ruth Alexander and with a comment by Catherine Kudlick.  Check out our program here!


0 thoughts on “Intersex crossing

  1. Hi Historiann! Thank you for posting this great photo. Despite being unconvincing, your analysis is interesting. It reminds me of the cultural analysis that I write — unconvincing, yet interesting.

    Will you please stop plugging the Berkshire Conference? 🙂 Since I can’t go, reading about all the great panels make me sad. Do you think it will be possible to videotape some of the panels, and then post the videos to your blog?


  2. Ortho–sorry! One of the raisons d’etre of this blog was originally to promote the conference I and many others have worked so hard to put together. I’m sorry if it’s bothersome for you to read about all of the incredibly cool things that will be happening, but you could consider this a prompt to put together a proposal for the 2011 conference! I’ll hope to see you there, anyway.


  3. This might be the aptest place to report that while cleaning out my mailbox at the McNeil Ctr. this morning, after a semester of cross-state neglect, in addition to a small stack of lapsed seminar papers already read online, I found an announcement of an April seminar on “Dildoes and the American Crisis, 1760-1776” or some such title. The blurb told the story of yet another economic hardship for colonial artisans, as a flood of cheap metropolitan imports drove them from a niche in the toy market, before they figured out some mercantilistic way to fight back. I was agog at the cultural creativity of the new fellows, until it dawned that the lack of an actual paper with the announcement plus the supposed April 1 date of the event (a Tuesday) were probably the key signs. This left me no less agog at the creativity of the new fellows.

    All of this is prefatory to saying that as Ortho is on this thread, my undergraduates were intrigued by the pissing dogs post, but besides grinding out a few earnest extra credit points by addressing it, they did not come up with much. Their Whiggism led them to think that pissing on the ear of a British lion was doubtless normative in those years, but they were not prepared to believe that any dog would have pissed on a map of America. On this last image, they request a re-count, or I guess a re-read. The project still sounds fascinating, and John Murrin suggests Hogarth as a possible rosetta stone.


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