What would you do for $5 million a year? (Or, are you using that last shred of dignity, Chris?)


Chris Matthews is obviously a total buffoon, his ratings stink, and he has absolutely zero credibility as a journalist because he says things like this on his TV show:  “Hillary Clinton bugs a lot of guys, I mean, really bugs people like maybe me on occasion. I’m not going to take a firm position here, because the election is not coming up yet. But let me just say this, she drives some of us absolutely nuts.”  (Wow–it’s a good thing that sober objectivity kicked in!  “She drives some of us absolutely nuts” is obviously just the facts.)

Why is this man pulling down five million a year from NBC?  Eric Bohlert explains:  “Matthews is hot because he dumps all over Hillary Clinton, saying rude, sexist, and demeaning things about her week after week, and the Beltway media crowd thinks its edgy and insightful and loves to watch.”  (H/t Melissa McEwan at Shakesville.)  But, if you point this out, you’re the problem!  In fact, you might be one of the Worst Persons in the World if you call out this vile Hillary hatefest for what it is.

Oh, and for a real laugh, you’ll be interested to hear that according to Mark Leibovitch, the author of the New York Times Magazine piece linked to above, that “Matthews fashions himself a blend of big-think historian and little-guy populist.”  I don’t know which is funnier–that Matthews thinks he’s a historian of any sort at all (big-think, little-think, whatever), or that Matthews seriously believes he’s a $5 million a year populist.  But it must be true–at least the historian part–because according to Leibovitch, Matthews “also mentioned — more than once — that he has heard that the historian David McCullough watches ‘Hardball’ every night and that ‘Arthur Schlesinger watched ‘Hardball’’ and that sometimes ‘Joan Didion watched ‘Hardball’ with her husband, John Gregory Dunne, before he died.'”  Wow–that would have been amazing if Dunne had arranged to watch “Hardball” with Didion after he died, so that he could enjoy Matthews’ vicious brand of misogyny in the afterlife!  (By the way, that was a joke about how stupid Chris Matthews is, not a joke about Dunne’s supposed enjoyment of misogyny or enjoyment of Matthews, of which Historiann knows nothing, one way or the other.)  And David McCullough–wowee!  I guess Matthews thinks he must be a pretty important historian because he’s seen him on TV, and that’s where everyone who’s anyone is.

Historiann is a big fan of Reno 911–does that make Dangle, Junior, Rayneesha, Garcia, Jonesey, Clemmy, and Weigel all historians?  Just wondering.

UPDATE, this afternoonCheck out this funny (and yet totally unsurprising) story via Digby about Maureen Dowd, in which the punchline is, “And to make the horror complete, Chris Matthews was also at this dinner.”  The story about Dowd sheds some light on her hatred of Hillary Clinton, in any case:  jealous much, Maureen?

UPDATE, 4/20/08:  Over at Corrente, VastLeft has a rundown of Matthews’s appearance on Bill Maher’s show this week.  In response to Maher’s comment that he’s been accused of sexism in his campaign coverage, Matthews counters that “She (Clinton) has a problem with a lot of us. . . . She’s been tough on the media.”  Kind of like those violent men who beat up their wives and girlfriends, and then claim that they’re the ones being abused when the cops show up?

0 thoughts on “What would you do for $5 million a year? (Or, are you using that last shred of dignity, Chris?)

  1. I think Dunne keeled over during a quite dinner in their Manhattan apartment while they were getting ready to watch Hardball, or maybe sparring about whether to do that or go to a Knicks game. There was a little bit of misogyny going on down at the Garden in those years too, I’ve heard, so it might have been a tough call.

    Update on The Crowd and Pa. Politics: Team Obama is crowing about how 30,000 people stormed the bluegrass at Independence Mall in Philly last night for a pre-vote peptalk. That approximates the normal Saturday afternoon lines waiting to ride the historic horsedrawn carriages, but in any case it’s at best a 2% turnout in a population of c. 1.5 million people in the city. The latest figure here in West is that 3,400 people jammed the fieldhouse in a town of 15,000 (double that when the U is in session). That comes out to maybe 11%. So it may be the Whiskey Rebels are getting ready to clock the Latte Sippers. Or maybe not, we’ll see. With all of these closed factories and mines, it could also be that the word spread that “Solutions for America LLC” was taking parttime applications for a new calling center.


  2. Re: Update the First: I dislike Maureen Dowd as much as any reasonable, thinking person, but comparing her to Norma Desmond and discussing her dating history in detail, and then criticizing her for being obsessed with Clinton’s sex life? Feh.


  3. Oh, and the part where the author of the post writes of “Mr. X” that “…he loathes gossip. If you try to dish the dirt, it’s pretty clear he’s not comfortable with that kind of conversation” and ” X. is clearly not comfortable with gossip…” strike me as a little curious, because if that is the case, how did the post’s author come to hear the story? And did she obtain X’s permission to spread it all over the Internets? Blech. Hypocrisy, much?


  4. Yes–but you have to admit that it’s pretty high-quality trash, no? I posted it mostly for the punchline about Matthews–who was invoked seemingly to dismiss the whole event without explanation, as though his presence were the icing on the cake of ridiculousness. (I will say that I was pretty skeptical about what a saint Mr. X was too.)

    MoDo is freakishly obsessed with Bill Clinton’s sex life, which seems all of a piece with her own personal/non-marital history. (I’m betting that most married people weren’t so shocked or surprised that Bill Clinton was steppin’ out on his wife. It’s only unmarried people who idealize marriage and seem so offended by the many different ways in which marriage can work for people.)


  5. Maureen Dowd is a terrible pundit, no question. But the linked post is pretty squicky too, for the same reasons I can’t stomach most Dowd columns. Comparing her to Miss Havisham and Norma Desmond, suggesting she is bitter because she never married, Sounds pretty Dowdy to me.

    The linked blogger seems to think that if Dowd had acted more ladylike and hidden her actual personality she would have had a chance with the supposedly “Totally. Fucking. Amazing.” Mr. X. I think it’s possible Dowd hated Mr. X on sight, so she ramped up the sex talk just to freak him out.


  6. She has a bad track record on Gore, Kerry, Edwards, and Obama too. I’m not disputing her awfulness. I just think it’s at least possible she disliked X, and went out of her way to antagonize him, rather than it necessarily being the case that Dowd lacks feminine charm, grace and wiles, or whatever it was that the linked blogger was trying to say with the story.


  7. The part about the first date behavior (and the supposed wonderfulness of Mr. X, and the supposed cluelessness and offensiveness of Dowd) was less relevant to me than just the “fly on the wall” reportage of that dreadful-sounding dinner party. (And I should have said earlier–I agree with your points about Norma Desmoned and Miss Havisham–at the very least, kind of O/T).


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