Stylin' barbie knitwear

Perfect for a spring stroll through your city!  The entire Historiann household has been on a spring vacation for the past few days, and will be away for a few more.  I’ll continue checking in from the road, and perhaps posting vacation photos along with my prankish yet trenchant observations on early American history, gender and sexuality issues, academic politics, the 2008 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, and occasionally, vintage Barbies. 

For those of you wanting some not-academic politics to get you going in the morning, check out Bob Somerby’s post yesterday, a twofer rundown of Paul Krugman’s Friday column and a glimpse of the Sunday New York Times Magazine article about idiot blowhard Chris Matthews.  As always, Le Somerby is incomparable!  Why can’t Bob take Matthews’s job?  Why, Lord, why?

0 thoughts on “Stylin' barbie knitwear

  1. Historiann- I have been disappointed to see a decrease in the number of postings about Senatorella. Certainly, the latest commercial with the 140-year-old woman saying she watched Hillary climb to the mountain top merits a mention. But what do I know about the blogging world — yours is the only one I can stand to read.

    I watched a little of CNN’s “Compassion Forum,” basically a religiously oriented discussion with the candidates one at a time. We got such timely questions as, does God intervene in history? And why does God permit evil to take place in the world. On the one hand, I still think she would make a better president. On the other, he seems more presidential and more representative, issues wise, of lefties such as us (if I might be so presumptuous). In any case, the election has gotten silly with Hillary and Bill taking swipes at Obama over things he says here and there. I’m starting to think it really would be best if they packed up their circus tent.

    Sorry to be off topic…


  2. Hi Rad–I’ll post more about contemporary politics once I get back home & back to my ceaseless toil for you, my readers (Rad or not) at!

    I disagree with you that Obama is more representative of lefties like you and me, aside from his age demographic and his educational background. (Although, truth be told, Historiann hasn’t crossed the bridge to 40 yet!) Clinton’s policies are more progressive–he keeps running to her right, but because she’s got the support of the loyal Dems and he’s attracting younger people, Independents, and Republicans, he gets the credit (or the blame) for being more “liberal.” (It’s kind of like those opinion polls back in the winter, when Edwards was still in the race. Prospective voters ranked Edwards the least progressive, when in fact he was the most progressive candidate.)

    I heard a news report and read a newspaper article about the “compassion forum” (what a dopey name. Just call it “God talk with Democrats” or something!) I’m not the person that show was aimed at, but I understand the politics. I think it was a good move for Clinton and Obama to do it, and I doubt that it was a good move for McCain to skip it.


  3. It will be interesting to see which if any of the campaigns jump on this story in the NY Times today (and how) headlined: “Co-Payments Go Way Up for Drugs with High Costs: Insurers Shift Burden…” The corpocratic line is that this “keeps everyone’s premiums down,” but as the piece notes, patients “may have to spend mnore for a drug than they pay for their mortgages [or] than their monthly incomes.” As with employer efforts twenty years ago to get unions to “share” the costs of health care premiums. As soon as some did the line became that this was the inevitable new paradigm, and unions that held out were depicted as just being selfish. This new cost shift system is now used for the impossibly expensive drugs for fairly rare diseases, but if it sticks it will soon migrate to the more ordinary ache-and-pain stuff that us 40+ demographicas will soon be using. Maybe response to this could be a “who’s more progressive” tie-breaker? While checking the Times, see the pic of Mayor Nutter working tables at Little Pete’s place on 17th St. in Philly, one of mine, and it seems, one of Hizzoner’s, favorite A.M. dining dives! [p.A20]

    Back on message: the staging of this latest batch of Barbies is dramatic and cool. Are there going to be any further liner-notes? I’m on the trail of a rumored “five foot high Barbie house,” somewhere out in the west of the State!


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