Philadelphia, or Philabarbia?

Historiann commenter Indyanna sent these spectacular Barbie photos so that I could present them to you as a exclusive.  (I guess that now makes Indyanna my second on-the-ground reporter in the Philadelphia area!)  This was captured on the 2200 block of Rittenhouse Square Street in the City of Brotherly Barbie Love, a little block between Spruce and Locust, and 22nd and 23rd Streets.

Apparently, the two barbies above have a sister planted as an orphan in another window box to the side, or perhaps above.  Indyanna also sent along this blurred shot of the forlorn one, leaning over as if to catch what the other two are talking about.  The little minxes!

Thanks, Indyanna, for having your wits (and your cell phone camera) about you as you prowl Center City–and please keep the dolls-in-weird-places photos coming.  I’ve been thinking that I should update you all on Creepy Doll Head in her new home, my back garden–perhaps later this spring, when the garden will be green and blooming.

0 thoughts on “Philadelphia, or Philabarbia?

  1. Thanks Historiann. The tipping barbie is indeed in a windowbox just to the left of the red doll, and thus, alas, falling away from the action in the main box. Since the two are too far apart to do anything lower than stage whispering, perhaps something awful has just been said. On the other hand, maybe the three of them are just funning for the benefit of passersby on a small street that has much more foot traffic than cars. Or maybe it was just the wet planting season. The top pic. was taken on March 10, the second on March 17. So maybe it was that St. Patrick’s Day block party? I’ll keep looking for interesting stuff.


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