A light divertissement

Indulge me in a little navel-gazing.  This is a trick that I’m totally ripping off from Bing McGhandi at Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes (once again–say it with me!–Best Blog Name Ever!), who occasionally posts the Google searches that lead people to his blog.  My family member David, the web guru who administers Historiann.com (among other fab websites), has installed software here so that I can keep track of my traffic, and see how people find their way to the virtual rustic North Woods lean-to that is Historiann.com.  Here are some of the searches that people have run yesterday and today that led them to me–the parenthetical phrases are my interjections:pregnant-belly.jpg

  • historiann (maybe a typo?)
  • endless bullying
  • women faculty bullied academe
  • parents my kid has swears on my shirt (ummm…syntax?)
  • how to write biography + myself
  • good for absolutely nothing
  • he man club
  • liberal people waco
  • under dolls (Huh?  Do I even want to know?)
  • resigning from the tenure track
  • dean incompetence fear retribution (Sing it, sister!)
  • limerick about harriet tubman (Now that is some twisted, geeky pervert!)
  • bryn mawr luke wilson

So, it sounds like you Historiann.com readers have about the same levels of rage, despair, perversity, and can-do, “let’s put on a show!” optimism (liberal people waco?) that characterize everyone else on the non-peer reviewed internets.  And, there are way more of you than I thought there were (hi, Mom!)–almost 400 of you yesterday, so even if I’m whistling past the graveyard, I’ve got company!

0 thoughts on “A light divertissement

  1. I imagine “dean incompetence fear retribution” as a madrigal for four voices, with dulcimer accompaniment. And I’d pay pretty handsomely to hear (or better yet, see) a performance.


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