It's Boston Massacre Day!


Clinton, Obama, and McCain campaign teams take note:  here is some truly excellent propaganda by Paul Revere–238 years later, it still works.  (Please note the blanching or erasure of Crispus Attucks, the first American to die in a confrontation with British soldiers in the American Revolution, who was in fact of African and Algonquian ancestry.)

Thirteen years ago when I was living in Massachusetts, Historiann attended the historical reenactment of the Boston Massacre in front of the old Customs House.  Fortuitously, it was a dark and snowy night, just like in 1770, and the reenactors did a fine job.  I recommend that anyone see it at least once–tonight, they’re doing only a commemoration at 6:30 p.m.  Saturday the 8th is the big day for reenactment:  there is a kids’ reenactment at 11 and 2, and they’re doing another after-dark reenactment Saturday night at 7.  Details here!

0 thoughts on “It's Boston Massacre Day!

  1. Thanks for the reminder! When I learned about this in elementary school, I was thrilled — Samuel Maverick was indeed of my family (though I’m pretty sure he was a brother or cousin of any direct ancestors). In fifth-grade history, I couldn’t shut up about it, and my teacher had to stand me in the corner before the class could move on. Mrs. Turner, wherever you are, I’m sorry!


  2. Vance–you should go to the reenactment sometime. Maybe you could train to play your famous ancestor? (The reenactors take it all pretty seriously, though, so it’s probably not a walk-on role!)


  3. Historian Jill Lepore is researching a new interpretation of the Boston Massacre and subsequent trial. I believe she’s relating the BM and Revolution with New England slavery. There’s also been a couple recent essays/articles on the Boston Massacre orations. The Boston Massacre became my first intellectual foray into early America…I’ll always honor this day!


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