Like, totally excellent, fer sure!

This blog is now rated “E” for Excellent, (“favorite blog by an academic,” in fact,) courtesy of Bing McGhandi over at Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes.  (Best blog name ever, by the way–a free laugh without even clicking on his site, but click away for more laughs!)  Thanks, Bing!

We’re supposed to share the love by passing along the “E” rating, so I will lay it on thick for:

1.  Tenured Radical:  the original.  You whippersnappers may not appreciate how rare it is for a senior scholar to dish out the bloggy goodness, but it is.  With most bloggers on the non-peer-reviewed internets, you’re taking your chances, but she is the lightly pseudonymous real deal.

2.  WOC Ph.D. :  Professorbwoman lays it all out for you as a historian and a Woman Of Color.  The Diva of Intersectionality has had some great recent posts up about Bill O’Reilly and lynching, and the murders of Brianna Dennison and Lawrence King because they were gender-queer American teenagers.

3.  The Atlantic Community:  This is a group blog for European scholarship in American Studies (and not just British scholarship in American Studies!) that offers some interesting perspectives on twentieth- and twenty-first century U.S. culture and contemporary politics. 

Blog on, worthies!

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