Benson voted next Prez of CU

Well, it looks like oilman and Republican Party hack Bruce Benson will be the next President of the University of Colorado.  All six Republican members of the Board of Regents voted in support of Benson.  Congratulations!  What a distinguished choice.

Good thing too–all those crazy liberals up in Boulder need to be shown who’s in charge.  (Confidential to the Board of Regents:  haven’t you noticed that you’re the only deliberative body left in the state that’s not run by Democrats?  Confidential to the Democratic majority Colorado General Assembly:  you can just send all of that money you won’t be sending to Boulder up to Fort Collins instead.)

UPDATE Feb. 25:  See Stanley Fish’s strange analysis in the New York Times today.  He writes, “While it would be wrong to take into account the political affiliations or business connections or wealth of a candidate for a faculty position, it would be wrong not to take these things into account when choosing a president,” implying that Benson would therefore be a reasonable candidate.  This would only make sense if Benson were a Democratic hack instead of a Republican hack.  (Why is it only Historiann who seems to know that THE ENTIRE STATE IS RUN BY DEMOCRATS NOW, so therefore appointing a prominent Republican would seem NOT to be in CU’s interest?  Duh!)  This article also points to the parallel situation in West Virginia that RadReadr suggested in the comments below a few days ago.  Maybe appointing people with business or political values instead of academic values isn’t such a smart plan after all?  Gee whiz!  (H/t to ej who e-mailed me the link to the Fish article.)

0 thoughts on “Benson voted next Prez of CU

  1. The university president is increasingly becoming like the CEO — big salaries that are 1000X what the lowest paid workers earn, amazing fundraising expectations (this has been around a while). I wouldn’t be surprised if more institutions begin to drop academic backgrounds altogether. Having said all that, I read recently about a president at West Virginia who also came from a kind of money/politics background rather than an academic one. The faculty senate voted a no confidence in the hire, but now it turns out he has worked really well with the faculty — and seems to be much better than expected. Colorado, however, is no West Virginia. (I have no idea what that last comment means.)


  2. Call me a dreamer, GayProf–I expected that academic credentials and experience might count for something! But they obviously don’t count as much as connections and the big buck$ in this hick state! Colorado is in fact Western West Virginia, Rad, because it’s where cronyism and extractive industries reign supreme! The only difference is that there are more colleged-educated people in Colorado, but we’re all from somewhere else–Colorado has to import its educated people because it’s not making enough on its own.

    Now, on to cronyism in small states like West Virginia (and Colorado): this may or may not be the fault of the President of WVU that you cite, but check out this controversy concerning the fake-o MBA that was retroactively awarded to the daughter of the Governor of the state:

    (If anyone has more updated information, please post it. I’ve seen more recent stories, but this one seemed to have the best overview of the situation.)


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