Senatorella's coach stops at Caesar's Palace tonight

cinderellas-coach.jpgWell, it looks like Senatorella has pulled it off again.  With 90% of all precincts reporting, Hillary Clinton has beaten Barack Obama decisively with 51% of the vote to 45%.  Never has a front-runner done so unexpectedly well!  (Please, Crayzee Chris, insanity means never having to say you’re sorry for your misogynist rants!  With enemies like you, who needs delegates?)  Complete results here, with age and sex breakdowns for both Republicans and Democrats.

It looks like as in New Hampshire, the Alice vote is what put her over the top–59% of Democrats who caucused today were women, and fully 68% of the Democrats were 45 and older, an excellent demographic for Clinton.  The OC vote, which showed up to caucus in Iowa in historic numbers and put Obama over the top, didn’t make it out to caucus in Nevada.  18-29 year-olds appeared at an anemic 13%, and Historiann’s own demographic of 30-44 mustered only a scandalously low turnout of 19%.  (Whazzup, peeps?  Stuck in your minivans shuttling kids from ballet to soccer to circus day-camp this morning?  Did you stay up too late fooling around with TurboTax 2007 and trying to program your TiVO to record Desperate HousewivesAlexis de Tocqueville would be appalled had he lived another 149 years to see this!)

Memo to my generation:  Kiss my grits!

0 thoughts on “Senatorella's coach stops at Caesar's Palace tonight

  1. It looks like the Democratic machine is going into overdrive to bring us yet another unelectable and boring Democratic candidate. If we go from the blue suit to the pantsuit, it’s still a suit. But it looks like Barat might still do some damage and, at the very least, Oprah and her crew will be very disappointed if he doesn’t prevail. Wait, he’s a suit too, and a very nicely tailored one. Before long, the Clintons will go fast food and start running the old “where’s the beef?” commercials, and that will be the end of “Cultural Learnings of America.” Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mc is Back. He may be the most electable and least Huckabish, especially now that it’s the economy again, stupid. Will he be covered by teflon on the anti-war message? Will Hillary attack him on immigration? Thanks to historiann for actually looking at voting patterns because it all looks like Entertainment Tonight to me.


  2. VERY weird results last night. Obama sweeps the rural caucuses? Say again? Obama? Hillary’s voters I understand. And I respect their decision. She’s a pro. And my dad finds the idea of a president who’s just a few years older than me, entirely leaving aside the issue of race, almost impossible to imagine. I’m guessing more than a few others share dad’s skepticism. But the Obama coalition is pretty hard to fathom. Yes, I know: Tsongas plus African-Americans. Or so we thought. But then the man sweeps rural Nevada. Not a lot of affluence, intellectuals, or African-Americans in eastern Nevada. Just: weird. Seriously, no matter how this ends up, we’re watching something very odd unfold before our eyes. And it’s kind of great.


  3. Thanks, Ari, for the news on rural Nevada–I didn’t know that Obama won there. I don’t know what to make of that–was it an ABH (Anybody But Hillary) vote, or was it indeed a positive vote for Obama? Another interesting theme in yesterday’s news is that HRC did so well with Latino/as, and Obama, not so much…

    And Rad–I know she wears those awful boring pantsuits, but I swear that I caught a glimpse of a glass slipper peeking out from under the hem of her trousers last night at her victory party. Did you see it too?


  4. Nobody knows for sure why the rural bloc voted as it did. (Which is strange, because there are only, well, hold on while I add this column, six people in that part of the state. It seems like one could just go door to door to ask. But the doors are 800 miles apart, so that might take time. Seriously, I only know one person who knows anything about Nevada politics, and he tells me that it was a combination of factors: anyone but Hillary + Obama seems like a nice guy spouting feel-good rhetoric. Plus, he campaigned there apparently, going door to door.


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