They Hate Huckabees

New rule:  Apparently it’s now a bad thing for a Republican presidential candidate to be a “divisive vessel of religious and class warfare,” at least if your last name starts with Huckabee.  Surprisingly, in benighted, post-globalization Michigan, he drew only 15% today, at least as of 9:54 EST.  Let’s all pray that he doesn’t go Huckabroke on the way to South Carolina.

Historiann’s parents live in Michigan–Mom is a Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton, and she was happy to lend Clinton her support because of all of the unfair, sexist coverage in the leadup to the New Hampshire primary.  Historiann’s father is a Republican–and a very faithful voter–and he didn’t manage to get out to vote today.

0 thoughts on “They Hate Huckabees

  1. Huckabee is a genuine American original that has managed to help Romney is some strange and unanticipated ways. In the long run he may do something very good for this country by helping to thoroughly discredit his own medieval views.


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