Career Opportunity (the one that never knocked)


(Photo: the last candidate’s dinner Historiann attended.)

All of you who had interviews at the MLA and AHA are finding out about now if you’re still in the hunt. If you are preparing to go to on-campus interviews, Historiann wishes you good luck. Squadratomagico has a thorough post up about how to write and deliver a job talk, the most difficult to master genre of academic performance. Remember: table manners are very important in a bourgeois profession, so try not to drink so much this time, and don’t ask to borrow the department chair’s Chapstick at dinner. Or ever, for that matter.

Do you want to make tea for the BBC? That was a summer job Historiann once had, and it wasn’t that bad.

UPDATE, 1/15/08:  Check out this nonpareil advice for on-campus visits from Sivacracy

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