Mothers’ compulsory little helpers

I have a new intellectual crush on LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara. She’s a feminist who’s not afraid to bring the sass and the cheek like a blogger.  Check out the analysis she published today, inspired by her irritation at two television shows, Homeland and Jane the Virgin, headlined “The Tyranny of Maternity on TV.”   Although two […]

Occasions for thanksgiving, 2013

An incomplete list: Tenured Radical Fratguy (who has outgrown this blog name and now wants to be called BT Scrivener on-blog) Seminar, my commuter horse Mouse (1999-2013), for both his life and his death, as it was time. The Women’s Review of Books and Journal of Women’s History Orange is the New Black and Girls […]

2012: the Year of the Asshole?

Some of you have probably heard of Geoffrey Nunberg’s Ascent of the A-word:  Assholism, the First Sixty Years (2012) because of his platform as the resident linguist for NPR’s Fresh Air.  A few weeks ago, we learned that Aaron James, a philosophy professor at the University of California, Irvine, published a book in 2012 called Assholes:  […]