Democratic Dumba$$es: cheap, stupid, or both?

What’s with all of the high-profile Obama appointees and erstwhile appointees who have problems either 1) paying income taxes, or 2) hiring documented employees, and/or 3) paying unemployment taxes on said employees, or any combination thereof.  Now, I’m pretty darned sure that Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, and Tim Geithner are all members of the Ruling […]

The last Sarah Palin post ever (we hope)

Did you hear the one about how McCain campaign advisers said that Sarah Palin is so dumb that she thinks Africa is a country?  Didja?  Smell the truthiness (via Rye and Patriotism)! Which just proves, once again, that one can serve up absolutely any $hit sandwich about Sarah Palin and our misogynistic political culture will swallow it and say, […]