Tips for toads: no one votes for smartypants

Both the enemies of Republican presidential candidates and the enemies of Democratic presidential candidates are indulging in yet another predictable, pointless food fight about intelligence:  who haz it?  Who don’t?  And why do we care about college transcripts from 40 years ago? First of all, let me be among the first to confess that I was a […]

Shockholm Syndrome

Robert Kuttner writes at The American Prospect: It was nothing short of astonishing to see Obama, at his surprise press conference Tuesday, with harsher words for members of his own party than for Republicans. It is the Republicans, after all, who have been blocking his efforts, wall-to-wall, while liberal Democrats have been his staunchest if […]

Money, money, money: it's a rich man's world.

“Welcome to the Recovery!,” shouts Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.  (Yeah–you’re welcome to it, pal.)  Running a ponderous description of everything you think you’ve been doing in the New York Times–yeah, that’ll do it.  That’ll make of those jobless folks in the Rust Belt feel better and put money in the pocketbooks of all of those people whose unemployment benefits […]

Why has The One fallen short?

Frank Rich (of all people) has an interesting review of Jonathan Alter’s The Promise:  President Obama, Year One (of all books!) in the New York Review of Books called “Why Has He Fallen Short?”  Rich has penned some astonishingly stupid op-eds over the past few years and has been a cheerleader for Barack Obama from the […]

Up from Jacksonianism?

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Michael Lind is one of the most interesting political writers around.  Of course, this may be my opinion because he has a good command of the last 200 years of American history and he isn’t afraid to use it in making his political arguments.  I’ve been a fan of […]

Letters to the Editor of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

Comedy gold, from the May/June 2009 issue of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (what can I say?  I get a lot of magazines.)  Sorry–no linkie: A Taxing Situation I am disappointed by the lack of outrage at the nomination and subsequent confirmation of Timothy Geithner ’83 as the country’s new Secretary of the Treasury [“Big Picture,” Mar/Apr]. 

Weekend Funnies

This is hillarious:  Barack Obama’s Teleprompter has a blog, and you’d better believe that TOTUS has a lot to say (via Corrente.)  For example, TOTUS answers readers’ questions: Teleprompter, have you ever thought about helping Secretary Geithner, or do you work for just one person? No, I am a one-man machine. And while I’m beginning […]